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Power Rangers Dino Thunder - Tommy/Kimberly

Fandom Category: Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Pairing: Tommy Oliver/Kimberly Hart
Fic Title: Always a Ranger
Author: JTrevizo
Rating/Warning(s): T, includes some violence & sex (author's website has more NC-17 versions of some chapters)
Genre: Romance/Action
WIP?: No (story is complete and has several sequels, one shots in the same universe)

Why This Must Be Read: When Power Rangers Dino Thunder started airing in 2004, the author started posting episode tags the same weekend each episode aired, delving into the episode and adding in additional characters, including bringing back Kimberly Hart as Tommy's love interest. The series followed the show canon up through the 24th episode before taking on a totally AU direction. This series has spawned several sequels, one shots and an anthology with one shots written by other fanfic authors in the AU universe created from the Always a Ranger Series. It is one of the best PR fics for the Dino Thunder universe.
Tags: fandom: power rangers, ship: kimberly hart/tommy oliver

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