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2 Star Trek: Reboot Recs, Chapel/McCoy & Joanna/Jim

Fandom Category: Star Trek: Reboot
Pairing: Christine Chapel/Leonard McCoy
Fic Title: At Your Side
Author: Imsnee
Rating/Warning(s): T, Violence
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: It's the same story told from two different viewpoints, Christine's and McCoy's. I know, a lot of stories are, but the way Imsnee does it is by writing a pair of chapters, basically the same period of time, but what each of them was doing. It's a style that is easy to get used to. The Chapel and McCoy of this story are so stubborn that you want to bash their two heads together, but so perfect for each other that when something finally happens between them, you're just so happy. Also, the plot is amazing and Christine is a ninja nurse.

Fandom Category: Star Trek: Reboot
Pairing: Joanna McCoy/Jim Kirk
Fic Title: The Art of Rescue
Author: Imsnee (yes, yes, this is basically an Author Rec)
Rating/Warning(s): T, Sensitive Subjects, Violence
Genre: Drama, Adventure, Romance
WIP?: Yes, but seems to update pretty regularly

Why This Must Be Read: TBH, I've held Jim to be a sort of two-dimensional character - pretty but no substance. He kind of starts out that way in this story, but that changes quickly. Again the style that Imsnee tells this is different. One chapter is a flashback to Jim's friendship with Joanna and the pairing chapter tells the present time story with Joanna all grown up. Imsnee handles the aspect of age-gap pretty well. Joanna is like Bones but with that female awesomesauce and impulsiveness that just makes her perfect for Jim and the fact that she sees underneath that pretty surface. I'm really just rooting for these two to have their happily ever after.
Tags: fandom: star trek (reboot), ship: christine chapel/leonard mccoy, ship: joanna mccoy/jim kirk

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