Alice Ayres (eevilalice) wrote in het_reccers,
Alice Ayres

Not Just Any Body by Laura Kaye (T)

Fandom Category: The Venture Bros.
Pairing: Doctor Girlfriend/Dean Venture
Fic Title: Not Just Any Body
Author: [ profile] Laura Kaye/laurakaye
Rating/Warning(s): T; In the author's words, "Contains humorous non-explicit allusion to slightly underage sexual activity."
Genre: Humor, First Time, Bodyswap
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 14/?

Why This Must Be Read: It's not easy being Dean, even when it unexpectedly, confusingly rules. Set back in the early seasons of The Venture Bros., this fic presents as absurd and hilarious a situation as any in canon, while also offering moments of sweetness and endearment--it's Dean, after all.

*May I have a tag for ship: Doctor Girlfriend/Dean Venture? Thanks!*
Tags: fandom: venture brothers, ship: doctor girlfriend/dean venture, special reccer: eevilalice

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