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Alice Ayres

Alias, Two Multi-Ship Recs

Fandom Category: Alias
Pairing: Sydney Bristow/Julian Sark, Sydney Bristow/Michael Vaughn, Lauren Reed/Julian Sark
Fic Title: Mirror Image
Author: [ profile] leahalexis
Rating/Warning(s): M for sex and canon-typical violence
Genre: Action-Adventure, AU (canon-divergent)
WIP?: No (but there is a sequel)
Special Rec: 2/?

Why This Must Be Read: The summary reads, "Sydney wakes up in Lauren's body, mid-season 3," and what I love is, that's totally a thing that could have happened on the show. The entire fic feels like an episode, with Rambaldi hijinks; slimy Sloane; a (at this point in canon) torn, angst-ridden Sydney; mysterious Irina; abrasive, dangerous Lauren; and, of course, a compelling, infuriating(ly attractive) Sark. A thoroughly fun, smart read that made me want to re-watch the show for the hundredth time.

Fandom Category: Alias
Pairing: Irina Derevko/Julian Sark, Sydney Bristow/Julian Sark, Allison Doren/Julian Sark
Fic Title: Brighid
Author: [ profile] voleuse
Rating/Warning(s): G
Genre: Character Study
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 3/?

Why This Must Be Read: One of the things I love about Sark is that, no matter how duplicitous he is, he's strangely faithful and admiring of the strong women in his life. This short fic showcases that admiration beautifully, giving us Sark's pov on the three women.

*Mods, may I have Allison Doren/Julian Sark and Irina Derevko/Julian Sark tags, please? Thanks!
Tags: fandom: alias, ship: allison doren/julian sark, ship: irina derevko/julian sark, ship: lauren reed/julian sark, ship: sydney bristow/julian sark, ship: sydney bristow/michael vaughn, special reccer: eevilalice

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