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3 Pepper/Tony recs (Iron Man & Avengers)

Fandom Category: Iron Man / Avengers
Pairing: Pepper/Tony
Fic Title: Recovery
Author: Kronoskingofthemonkeypeople on
Link: LINK
Rating/Warning(s): K
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: This is my favorite fic that directly addresses Pepper & Tony's relationship in light of the Avengers. I can't even put my finger on all the things about it that I love- it's something about the vulnerability and the banter that they flip back and forth between so often. Just read it, it's gorgeous. Also, you will crack up. There's talk of ship names. No, really.

"Hold on, I got it:" A self-satisfied grin grew on his face. "Pepperony."


Fandom Category: Iron Man, Iron Man 2
Pairing: Pepper/Tony
Fic Title: pre-emptive strike
Author: mizzy2k
Link: HERE
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: Romance, Humor
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Because reasons. But mostly because it's fluff, and awesome, and Tony's freaking out a little but Pepper's got this figured out about fifteen steps ahead so it's all good. Also, this:

Pepper looks at him placidly like nothing is wrong and shit, now Tony's listing all the possible diseases in his head that she has, diseases that would render one's personality to pieces, diseases that steal voices, because she must be hiding that she's dying from him, and she's not telling him, and that's so fair because he never told her about the effects of the palladium, and Tony's going to have a heart attack just thinking about it, he's already mentally pulling himself in four different ways at once and why is Pepper laughing at him.

"I'm not dying," she says, a laugh still in her voice, and Tony makes a completely inappropriate sound in the back of his throat that he will deny until the end of time. "I'm messing up."

Fandom Category: Iron Man
Pairing: Pepper/Tony
Fic Title: Grease-stained
Author: nekare
Link: HERE
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13?
Genre: Drama, Romance, Angst
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: An alternate take on life after the first movie. And don't you want to see how they figure things out after this:

They don’t flirt anymore, though. Or rather, Tony doesn’t flirt and Pepper doesn’t make scathing comments after every attempt. Tony finds himself missing it more than the actual sex; it’s always been such a big part of who they are together.

So Pepper goes on telling him which tie he should wear for his next appointment and Tony goes on charming the playmate of the month but going to bed alone, as he’s been doing since Afghanistan, and they both just go on pretending nothing particularly important happened between them.
Tags: fandom: avengers, fandom: iron man, ship: pepper potts/tony stark

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