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Fic rec: Rising Sign

Fandom Category: Crossover
Pairing: Kara Thrace/James T. Kirk, Kara Thrace/Leonard McCoy
Fic Title: Rising Sign
Author: ninety6tears
Rating/Warning(s): R, non-explicit sex
Genre: Drama, Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: From my AO3 bookmark: Really, really wonderful 'drop Starbuck into Trek (2009) universe' crossover. It takes the heavily damaged Kara Thrace from Maelstrom and instead of a crazy two-way trip to Earth and back, she gets a one-way trip to Federation space, and it's so very believable that this is a way she might never have returned to Galactica.

The Federation crew takes Kara at face value - no unstated expectations piled on her, just the offer of camaraderie.

She has a comfortable friends-who-used-to-be-frakbuddies thing with Kirk, and a very slow-building patient-to-something-to-friends-to-lovers thing with McCoy. She gets a female friend in Gaila, whose effervescence is too much for even Starbuck to withstand.

Her ever-present underlying grief gives the whole thing just the right touch of angsty reality.

It's very much a Trek-universe story, and no one else from BSG is mentioned by name, but the hints are there in her moments of introspection and rare candid conversations with people who become friends.

If you're a Trek fan or a Kara Thrace fan, I highly recommend reading this one. I just wish the author had written more, because this is a universe I would love to visit again. There is a fun very short cracky follow-up fic, but nothing substantial.
Tags: fandom: battlestar galactica, fandom: star trek (reboot), ship: crossover

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