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Downton Abbey, 7 recs, multiple pairings

Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley, Lavinia Swire/Matthew Crawley, Mary Crawley/Richard Carlisle
Fic Title: Never Such Innocence Again
Author: Chickwriter
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): M ( rating) for sexual situations
Genre: Angst, AU, romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: June 1918. "All alone, with plenty of money, and a house in Eaton Square? I can't imagine anything better." It came too soon for her, and now Lady Mary Carlisle feels nothing.

Written before the author had seen S2, she manages to write an absolutely riveting tale. The circumstances that the characters have found themselves in is nothing short of heartbreaking, but there is always a ray of hope even in the darkest of times. The fates of Richard and Lavinia are sad ones, but are still handled with a touch of realism. Neither is villified. Mary and Matthew's portrayals are nothing short of brilliant, as they both deal with all the Great War has wrought upon them.

The author has written two sequels for the story, so I recommend you glance into her profile and read them too.

It had come too soon, and she half-heartedly wished she had not said what she had said at breakfast so many years ago, as she looked around her house, where she had plenty of money, and she was all alone.

She could now imagine so many things that would be better.

Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley, Mary Crawley/Anthony Gillingham
Fic Title: A Great Lament
Author: zulu_ottawa
Rating/Warning(s): PG, S3 and S4 speculation spoilers
WIP?: Yes

Why This Must Be Read: In 1921, Mary is adjusting to living without Matthew, but in 1925, her life again begins to have its golden days.

Though only two chapters have been posted, this is definitely one to follow. zulu_ottawa captures the final moments of the S3CS in all their tragic glory, as well as the atmosphere of its aftermath. The grief of it all left me sobbing, but utterly hooked. The growth of the characters, however, is also stellarly written, seeing the slow recovery from the great loss everyone suffered. Completely, utterly brilliant.

Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley
Fic Title: Trilogy of Firsts
Author: Lady Etiquette
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): M ( rating) for sexual situations
Genre: Fluff, romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: A series of firsts in Mary and Matthew's relationship after their engagement. So utterly wonderful that there are no words to describe just how utterly wonderful it is.

"Hello! What a pleasant surprise." She put a hand on his lower back and rubbed it gently.

He smiled down at her. "I thought I might catch you for tea?"

"That sounds lovely. I just have a few things to put away."

"I'll help you." He followed her in to the paddock, winding around past an empty stable. He noticed her backside and how the jodhpurs clung to her bottom and outlined her legs. "If you don't mind my saying, those riding trousers suit you."

She turned around and glanced over her shoulder at him. "You're being cheeky." Mary stopped and placed her crop up on shelf and hung her hat up. "I like you when you're cheeky."

As she puttered at the table, Matthew watched her. A loose strand of hair hung down the side of her face. He reached over and brushed the flyaway behind her ear, letting his fingers linger around her earlobe, softly caressing it. She tipped her head in to his hand and gazed at him, his eyes alluringly blue. His voice was quiet and secretive in the solitude of the stable. "Did you ride him hard?"

Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley
Fic Title: All That Is Left
Author: OrangeShipper
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): M ( rating) for sexual situations
Genre: Angst, AU, romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: OrangeShipper is a prolific writer for Downton Abbey and it's hard to just pick one when her stories are all so incredible. I finally settled on this one because it gives us a perfect way to look at S2, if Mary hadn't let Matthew go at the end of S1. It's a long fic, which I love, and it really delves into the characters and their change in circumstances, on top of the fates they're faced with in this new world.

"Pardon me, Mr Crawley. Your wife is here, I have taken the liberty of showing her straight up."

Mary winced.

"My wife?"

As Matthew exclaimed in utter astonishment, he swung the door fully open.


He visibly flinched, buckled slightly, when he saw her. In that moment, a look of indescribable anguish passed across his face. Mary's heart panged, guilt and regret pooling in her as she looked at him.

It was only a moment. The steward stood between them, a physical barrier, a blockade. It would not do to draw attention to anything untoward. Through gritted teeth, Matthew kept his eyes fixed, burning, on Mary as he dismissed the man.

"Thank you. That will be all."

With a slight bow, the man turned and hurried back along the corridor.

"Matthew –" Mary took a tentative step forwards, bursting with sorrow at his expression. His lips were downturned in anguish and his eyes glittered harshly.


Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Sibyl Crawley/Matthew Crawley
Fic Title: Moments
Author: theteawitch
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): G
Genre: Angst, fluff
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Like many fans, I'm a huge fan of Mary/Matthew and Sibyl/Tom, but I cannot help but have a small curiosity for this pairing, particularly when the characters are in their S1 incarnations. theteawitch writes the characters perfectly, setting their conversation at the garden party at the end of S1, just after Mary and Matthew have broken with one another. The story isn't exactly shippy in regards to Sibyl/Matthew, but... there is a spark there.

There would be moments when Matthew would consider the three Crawley sisters – surveying those churches with Edith, nights that felt as if they should last forever talking to Mary, and those moments in the grounds with Sybil. He cared for them all, in different, strange ways, and when he heard the news of war he’d realised how much.

Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Sibyl Crawley/Matthew Crawley
Fic Title: Exceptions
Author: ciachick711
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: A lovely AU one-shot where Sibyl and Matthew fit together in such a beautiful way.

Sybil had always been beautiful, but Matthew Crawley hadn't taken note of just how much until she strides up to him at a London party and asks him to dance. He turns, half-prepared to chide whatever young lady would have the gall, when he realizes its her. She's wearing a dark green gown, which makes her dark hair stand out even more against her creamy skin, and her hazel eyes are dazzling, teasing him.

Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Sibyl Crawley/Matthew Crawley, Sibyl Crawley/Tom Branson, Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley, Mary Crawley/Original Male Character
Fic Title: Consolation Prize
Author: silvestria
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: AU, angst, romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: An absolutely amazing coming of age story as well as an AU of S1. silvestria gives the characters a sharp curve that allows them to go in different directions and explore different situations. She writes the characters beautifully, remaining true to them while they explore this new scenario she's dropped them in. There are lovely moments of humor, romance, and angst all rolled into one fabulous story. As for the pairings, well, everyone has to explore a bit, but everyone gets their happy ending. Well worth the read.
Tags: fandom: downton abbey, ship: lavinia swire/matthew crawley, ship: mary crawley/anthony gillingham, ship: mary crawley/matthew crawley, ship: mary crawley/richard carlisle, ship: original character, ship: sibyl crawley/matthew crawley, ship: sibyl crawley/tom branson, ship: sybil crawley/tom branson

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