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Fandom Manifesto: Leverage

Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Sophie Devereaux/Nathan Ford, Parker/Alec Hardison, Maggie Collins/James Sterling
Spoilers: Up to and including the series finale.

Fair warning: image and gif heavy!


1. The Show
Appearances are deceptive.

I fell in love with this show back in October, and I watched the four and a half seasons we had then in about 10 days. That's how much I love this show. Leverage is the perfect show you want to find when you're a fan. It's the show you need. When I say that this show is perfect, I really mean it. There isn't an episode I don't love, there isn't a character (main or recurring) I don't adore. It's been perfect from its very first episode to its very last. Leverage has a perfect cast, perfect characters, perfect ships and perfect storylines. You don't need more to be convinced to watch the show. Do you? Ok, then…

So yes, the show is about modern-day Robin Hoods. But you can't stop at that. Yes, the characters are thieves, grifters, hackers, and they steal back what the rich and powerful took from people like us. What made the success of this show is that it arrived on the screens in late 2008, when the whole world was talking about the economic crisis. And there we have a team ready to right the wrongs of this world, offering justice to people who have lost everything to someone more powerful. At a time like this, wasn't such a show needed?

And then, on December 21st, the world came to an end for us Grifters: after months of making everyone wait, TNT cancelled our show. And on Christmas Day, we were treated with the series finale. Thankfully, Dean Devlin, John Rodgers and Chris Downey had envisioned this happening, and they gave us a real series finale. Still, it doesn't mean it's the end of our show. There's a series of tie-in novels being published, with the new book being releasing on March 5th, and everyone is still fighting to get the show back. And it can work, because unlike other shows, the network doesn't own Leverage, its creators do. We're trying to steal us a new network, and the producers said again recently that it can come back one way or another: movie, a series of tv-movies, a new season… No one is ready to give up on Leverage. That's how amazing this show is.

And one last thing, the fans made history by helping Leverage win the PCA for Favorite TV Cable Drama, making it the first cancelled show in the PCA history to win it!

2. The Cast
They're perfect and you got to follow them on Twitter.

I usually don't make a cast section in these manifestos, but with this cast, I just can't stop myself. They're a brilliant cast, they're here for the fans, sometimes they even reply to our tweets. You should have seen their tweets after we won them the PCA! They're probably the tv-show cast that's the closest to their fans. And they're amazing actors, that much must be said. And it isn't limited to the five main cast members I'll talk about below. The guest actors are also great and really loved by the fans. To name a few: Mark Sheppard, Kari Matchett, Jeri Ryan, Tom Skerritt, Richard Chamberlain, Wil Wheaton, Saul Rubinek, Adam Baldwin, Goran Visnjic. Just the sight of one of these names in the opening credits usually made the fans squee.

But let's get back to the main cast.

Timothy Hutton as Nathan Ford.

Those who don’t agree that Timothy Hutton is a brilliant actor will have to explain their reasons to me. There's a reason why he's the youngest actor to have won an Academy Award (Best Supporting Actor for Ordinary People in 1981), and this reason still stand. His performances are usually acclaimed, and once again, in Leverage, he proves what an amazing actor he is. Let's take for example the scenes in the interrogation room in the series finale. Dean Devlin revealed that they were done in one big take, just like a play. He added about Timothy Hutton's performance: "It was such a virtuoso performance." I think we can all agree to this. I do hope that he wins the Saturn Award he's nominated for because for this performance alone, he deserves it.

Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux.

Gina Bellman is this amazing actress that you can't help but have a crush on. She's gorgeous, she's talented (and you have to be to play a character like Sophie Devereaux who herself can play multiple characters in one episode). Prior to Leverage, she was seen in numerous productions, including two from Steven Moffat: Coupling and Jekyll (and I think I' not the only one wanting Moffat to ask her to come in at least one episode of Doctor Who, right?). Like the other actors and crew from the show, she's active on Twitter, and she wrote an article about the Leverage fandom (here), and for which she asked us Grifters on Twitter a few questions. I've discovered her in this show, and now, I don't know how it was possible I didn't know about her before.

Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer.

Christian Kane is mostly known for his role of Lindsey McDonald in Angel, but as I didn't watch this show (yes, yes, I know), for my part, I know him mainly from Close to Home. In addition to being an actor, he's also a singer and songwriter and a couple of his songs could be heard in Leverage, including 'Thinking of You' which is sang in the season 3 episode "The Studio Job". I dare you to listen to this song and not fall in love with it. On Leverage, Christian Kane also did his own stunts, which sometimes lead to injuries. For example, when they showed that he hurt his forehead in "The Two-Live Crew Job", it was actually a real injury he sustained during the filming of the previous episode.

Beth Riesgraf as Parker.

Compared to the rest of the main cast, Beth Riesgraf was probably the less known of the five before she landed her role on Leverage. Still, it's easy to see that she's one of these actresses that we're going to see a lot of in the next few years. She also recently guest starred in three episodes of Criminal Minds as Maeve Donovan. She's also taken her role as the thief in the crew very seriously as Apollo, an actual pickpocket and consultant for the show, mentioned that she became so good that she could probably make a living of it.

Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison.

Prior to Leverage, Aldis Hodge was mainly known for guest starring roles in various shows like CSI, Boston Public, Charmed, Numb3rs, Bones or Friday Night Lights. He is also an accomplished musician, playing both the clarinet and the violin. In the episode "The Scheherazade Job", when Hardison plays the violin, Aldis Hodge is really the one playing. Not to mention that he is also a painter, and that he was the one who painted "Old Nate". Really, you have to wonder know what Aldis Hodge can't do. ;)

All that said, as I mentioned above, the cast and crew are on Twitter, and I highly recommend that you follow them. And also, to show one more time that they care about the fans, I suggest you watch (if you haven't already) the "Leverage Thanks the Fans for their PCA" that was posted last week. I'm proud to be fan of such people.

3. The Characters
They're modern-day Robin Hoods.

Five characters. Each with their own skills, working together to help people. On their own, they're good. But together, they're the best.

Oh, and I thrown in three recurring characters because they're important to the show too. :P

Nathan Ford. The Mastermind.
All right lets go break the law just one more time.

Nate is a former insurance investigator who specialized in recovering stolen arts. He had chased every member of his team at one point. After the company he worked for, I.Y.S. Insurances refused to pay for a cancer treatment that led to the death of his son, he left and became an alcoholic. Two years later, a man named Victor Dubenich (guest star Saul Rubinek) asks him to lead a crew of thieves to "retrieve" plans that had been stolen from him, because he needed an honest man to control them. Nate is the Mastermind of the team. He's the one who chose the clients, he comes up with a plan, well several plans actually (at least through Plan Q, but probably all the way to Plan Z given how he is). Nate is a broken man and he found a family in his team, and a goal in the jobs they take.

Sophie Devereaux. The Grifter.
I'm not Sophie Devereaux anymore. I haven't been for ages. I... you killed her, you and your silly crusade.

Sophie is a former art thief and a grifter. We don't know her real name, though we have been told that it had been said at least once in the show (we're still waiting for the Kung Fu Monkey to tell us when… well, let's hope he will). She's also… how to put it nicely… Ok, I can't. She's the worst actress ever! And I'm not even exaggerating! She really is the worst actress ever when she's on a stage, but that's because it's not her stage. Now, when she's on a con, she's the best actress ever. As Nate once put it, she's "the finest actress you've ever seen, when she's breaking the law." She's the one Nate send to con their mark into doing something they want. She also can do Neuro-linguistic Programming to Eliot's dismay.

Eliot Spencer. The Hitter.
I'm going to beat Dubenich so bad even the people that look like him are going to bleed.

Eliot is a former military, turned retrieval specialist. He's the team's protector. He's a skilled fighter who hates guns and doesn't use them, unless absolutely necessary. He's also a talented chef and often cooks for the team. He's also quite a good grifter and usually helps Sophie when a second one is needed. As mentioned above and shown in "The Studio Job", he plays guitar and sing, and acquires quite a few fangirls. Before joining the team, he didn't trust nor care for other people, but that slowly changes. He can also recognize certain type of things on the first look, like former CIA operatives ("It's a very distinctive stance!") or a weapon from the gunshot sound ("It's a very distinctive sound.").

Parker. The Thief.
What is it with women and shoes?

Parker is… Parker. First of all, pretty much like with Sophie, we don't know her real name. She's just Parker. She spent most of her childhood into foster care, going from one foster home to another. At 12, she started stealing cars, and before that, she was a getaway driver. She was later found by renowned thief Archie Leach (guest star Richard Chamberlain) who taught her everything he knew. When Parker joined the team she didn't know how to interact with people, the only things she knew were about theft, which made her the best in her field. But slightly crazy as Eliot pointed out in "The Nigerian Job": "That's twenty pounds of crazy in a five pound bag." Slowly, with Sophie's help mostly, she started to get better with her feelings for the team she considered her family.

Alec Hardison. The Hacker.
Age of the Geek, baby!

Like Parker, Hardison grew up in foster home but he was luckier and ended up in the care of the woman he calls Nana. He was the one who designed the team's earbuds, and he provides technological assistance whenever the team needs it. He's the one gathering all the intel they need on a mark, and usually, he gives the briefings. He also creates the team's aliases, and gives them extensive background. A real geek, he can spend a whole night playing World of Warcraft, and references shows like Doctor Who and Psych. Nate once said about him that he has "a 24 year old genius with a smartphone and a problem with authority." He also usually dies in Nate's plans C, F and M through Q.

James Sterling. The Nemesis?
So, you know your entire plan depended on me being a self-serving, utter bastard.

Sterling is a insurances investigator with I.Y.S. Insurances at the beginning of the show, and then became an Interpol Agent. He's also Nate's former best friend, and they'd offer share drinks on the roof after work. He often crosses path with the team, and as Parker put it once: "He's like Nate... Evil Nate." Still, I'm not sure I can call him the team's nemesis since he ends up helping them sometimes, while still working his personal agenda. The team doesn't understand how Nate could have put up with him before, and still does in some ways. He's the character you just end up loving and when you see Mark Sheppard's name in the credits you just squee.

Maggie Collins. The Ex-Wife.
You just can't make somebody do what you want them to do.

Nate's ex-wife and Sam's mother, Maggie is first introduced off-screen during a one-sided phone conversation. With Nate. We later see her in person when she's the assistant curator at the Los Angeles Museum of Classical Art and stumble upon Nate at one of Blackpoole's party. She didn't know about the denied claim insurance as Nate never told her, and she didn't know he crossed to the other side of the barrier. She has often been described as the most honest person the team knows, and she ends up helping them a couple of times. She's also, to Nate's utter dismay because that's just every man's nightmare happening, Sophie's friend. Word of God has that Nate often said "I can explain" to her during their marriage.

Tara Cole. The Other Grifter.
And for what it's worth, Sophie was right. You guys are the best I've ever seen.

When Sophie left for her voyage of self-discovery, she sends Tara, another grifter, to the team to help them. She is first introduced as the team's client's lawyer, and it's only later that they learn who she really is. The team didn't trust her at first, even though Sophie asked them too. Unlike the rest of the team, she's there for the money, and asked for her cut of the money they recover during their cons. Not a lot is known about her and Sophie's past, but it was hinted that Tara owed her for something she did and it was her way to repay her. She grew close to the team, but left quite easily when Sophie came back.

4. Leverage and Chess
It's their move now.

I realised when writing this fandom manifesto that I had to make a part about Chess in the show. It's an important part of the show, and the references have been there from the very first episode. In "The Nigerian Job", Parker asked Nate: "Didn’t you have a little bit of fun playing the Black King instead of the White Knight, just this once?"; and later in this episode, Sophie tells him: "Black King, White Knight". Chess is further mentioned in the show with the dance floor being a giant chess board in "The Wedding Job", or various members of the team playing chess. The culmination of it comes in the season 4 episode "The Queen's Gambit Job" which is set during a chess tournament.

Furthermore, I think we can link the different members of the team to chess pieces.

Nate is, as mentioned in the show, the White Knight turned Black King. The King in Chess is said to be the weakest piece until the endgame, and sometimes, Nate wouldn't play an active role in the cons, until the end. He's also the one who oversees the whole board and places his teammates (the other pieces) in strategic places. Also, just like in chess, some of their marks know that if they take out Nate of the equation, the game might as well be over.

Sophie is obviously the Queen to Nate's King. Being the team's Grifter, she's quite often the most important member of the team, just like the Queen is the strongest piece of the chess board. She defends Nate against their marks, but also their own team at times, as a Queen would do with her King. Sophie can also play several characters at once, like a Queen can move in multiple directions. And when their mark is left defenseless by her grifting, this is when the team will make their final move.

Eliot can be seen as the Knight. As the Hitter of the team, he'll be the one more susceptible to be attacked by their mark's pawns (who also underestimate him). Being a good grifter too, he can team up with Sophie's Queen and place himself close to their mark, and become more effective, just like a Knight in a Chess game would. And also like the Knight, Eliot is often close to the action to be able to protect the team against their opponents.

Hardison is the Bishop of the team. He's a hacker and his knowledge doesn't really go outside of this area, just like a Bishop is restricted to black or white squares. It's as easy to underestimate a Bishop as it is to underestimate Hardison: he's the team's back up, the one they count on to open the doors to them. He can also attack their marks on different fronts simultaneously and at any distance, as a Bishop would do on a Chess board. And along with Nate's King and Eliot's Knight, they can make their opponent lose the game (see "The First David Job").

Parker could have easily been seen as a second Bishop at first. As mentioned above, her knowledge was restricted to theft. For most of the show, she remains that way. And paired with Hardison's Bishop, they can be stronger than the others when they combined their knowledge. But by the end of the show, she's definitely the Rook. Just like a Rook, Parker can move wherever she wants thanks to her skills. But more than that, with Nate's King, Parker's Rook can be involved in a move called castling, so that she can be in a more active position on the board.

While the recurring characters don't have precise parts to play (except for Tara who temporarily replaces Sophie as the Queen), Sterling can still be seen as the White King to Nate's Black King. Some can argue that he's more of a White Knight, like Nate was before, but given that they are of equal strength (neither of them can outsmart the other as mentioned in "The Frame Up Job"), I see him as the King on the opposite side of the board.

5. The Ships
I will go down with these ships.

What I love in this show is that contrary to many other shows, they're not afraid of pairing up their characters. It was quite the opposite, really. They gave us ships and they wrote them perfectly. It wasn't rushed, and they didn't take too long. And to be honest, I think they pretty much ruined me for other shows because this is what I want to see in all my shows now. There are two canon ships in Leverage: Nate/Sophie and Parker/Hardison. I'm throwing in a little bit of Maggie/Sterling because I fell for them too.

Nathan Ford/Sophie Devereaux.
"You never cheated on her, Nate."
"I know. I know. Tempted."

It's impossible for me to summarize in a few words why I love these two. I just do. Before the show, they've known each other for ten years. They first met in Prague, when Sophie was swiping a Degas. She ran, he chased. He caught her two years later, in Damascus, and this was when she introduced herself as Sophie Devereaux. But then, he was happily married, with a son. Then, they had Paris, Tuscany, Venice and other places. Unlike the other members of the team, Nate chose to work with Sophie. He picked her. And the chemistry is there from the very first episode, and it was easy to see it was just a matter of when. And then, we got "The Wedding Job" where Nate explained, while officiating a wedding, that he wasn't ready yet, but that he was a better man because of her. From then on, their friendship really grew. They were both afraid of taking the next step (after all, Sophie did try to set him up with one of their clients). But then, they did. Even when they were just friends, they were already the Mom and Dad of the team (except for Sophie and Eliot, where there's more of a sibling relationship), and it's quite obvious in some scenes when they really act like parents to the other three.

I have to add that for me Nate and Sophie probably have the most beautiful love story that I've seen on my screen. And god knows that I ship quite a lot, but yeah, with these two, it's different. Like I said, it really helps that Downey, Rodgers and Devlin knew what they were going with them from the beginning, and that they weren't afraid of doing it. And when they finally allowed Nate and Sophie to cross that line between friendship and something more, they did it perfectly. It was everything a shipper could hope for and more.

Parker/Alec Hardison.
"So, the thing is, I think that maybe I might be having feelings. Like weird, weird feelings... f-for... pretzels."
"Pretzels. Okay. Well, they're right here. When you want them."

Unlike Nate/Sophie that I shipped from the first episode, these two took a bit longer for me to ship. But by the time of the Pretzels scene, I was hooked. What is beautiful with this ship is Parker, who wasn't used to feel feelings, was completely lost about what was happening. Being in this team helped her open up, but she had never envisioned falling in love with Hardison. For Hardison though, it's quite obvious that he was attracted to Parker since the beginning of their friendship. They have beautiful and sexy moments together, though my favourite remains the dance scene at the end of "The Reunion Job". Their relationship progressed nicely after that, and we had that Pretzels scene where Parker was jealous, but she didn't know and Sophie had to point her out (once again showing that she's the Mom of the team). And we got Hardison saying that he'll be waiting for her to be ready. And that's just beautiful, because isn't it what you want to see in your pairings? It's impossible not to find Parker/Hardison cute, really.

Maggie Collins/James Sterling
"If temptation counted as cheating no marriage would make it past the first year. Imagine what it was like for me, you bringing James around for all those years."

Ok, let me explain these two. They have no foundation in the show, except for that one line from Maggie I quoted just above. But really, that line just served to sell it from me, because I was already starting to ship them. They don't have a lot of scenes together in the show, but like Nate/Sophie, they have a history. Maggie was married to Nate who was Sterling's friend at the time. He was there when they were married, he was there when Sam died and when they got divorced. I don't think they saw the other as more than a friend at the time. I'm not even sure they see the other as something more now, but I like the idea of these two together, because I think they can work. I think that Maggie is one of a handful of people who can see behind the façade he presents to the world. Sadly, there aren't a lot of fics out there for these two, so they only have one rec.

Fic Rec #1: State of Grace
Author: alinaandalion
Pairing: Sophie Devereaux/Nathan Ford
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): R, sexual situations

Why This Must Be Read: This is a beautiful fic set during their first few days in Portland. alinaandalion's portrayal of Sophie and Nate is really beautiful. It shows how much they know each other, and how far they came since the beginning of their friends with benefits affair. And I love the feeling of quietness of this fic, the moments in between the cons.

Fic Rec #2 These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)
Author: foreverwriting9
Pairing: Sophie Devereaux/Nathan Ford
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): G

Why This Must Be Read: This fic is about seven things Sophie leaves at Nate's apartment, and what he remembers from them. It takes us on a journey to the past, when Nate was an insurance investigator and Sophie an art thief. It explore their relationship then, and the one they have now. It's a really gorgeous fic that will put a smile on your face.

Fic Rec #3: Other dancers may be on the floor
Author: gelbes_gilatier
Pairing: Sophie Devereaux/Nathan Ford
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): G

Why This Must Be Read: Really funny ficlet about how the team don't like the plan of Nate and Sophie posing as a married couple. Well… actually, Eliot doesn't agree with one specific part of the plan. And there's of course a healthy dose of Nate/Sophie.

Fic Rec #4: The end, or where it begins
Author: universe
Pairing: Sophie Devereaux/Nathan Ford
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13

Why This Must Be Read: As the author put it, it's San Lorenzo 2.0, or what happens in "The Hot Potato Job" in between the moment they left the bar and the next morning. Nate and Sophie are in character, and this is probably very close to what really happened. If you want to explore this moment, this is the fic for it.

Fic Rec #5: Listening In
Author: sashimitales
Pairing: Sophie Devereaux/Nathan Ford
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13

Why This Must Be Read: This fic was written for a prompt of the 10 Weeks of Nate/Sophie at nathan_sophie (still ongoing if you want to check it out). It focused on the months between Boston and Portland, and e-mails Nate and Sophie sent each other. It also has a great portrayal of Sterling. It's funny (especially Sterling's frustration) and really cute.

Fic Rec #6: A first time for everything
Author: rozabellalove
Pairing: Parker/Alec Hardison
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13

Why This Must Be Read: This is just a gorgeous fic for these two. It really explores the character of Parker, and how she changed, and how unsure she still is. There's a bit of angst, but given the subject of this fic, it was needed and well done. The focus is really on these two, and how the rest of the team helps them one way or another. Gorgeous really.

Fic Rec #7: Desperation in Action
Author: emily64cooper
Pairing: Parker/Alec Hardison
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13

Why This Must Be Read: This fic is a coda for "The Rundown Job". It explores Hardison's thoughts during the episode, and why he wants to run away at first. This is a brilliant piece of work and I think that it's probably what was going through Hardison's mind during that scene.

Fic Rec #8: Thoughts and/or Feelings
Author: fairytalehearts
Pairing: Parker/Alec Hardison
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13

Why This Must Be Read: Once again, this is set during "The Rundown Job", and it explores Eliot, Parker and Hardison's thoughts towards the end of the episode when they have to make a tough choice. The characters are spot-on, and it explores Parker and Hardison's relationship really brilliantly. For those who loved the episode with these three, you're going to love this fic.

Fic Rec #9: This is what falling feels like
Author: Zilentdreamer
Pairing: Parker/Alec Hardison
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): G

Why This Must Be Read: This is a funny little fic with Eliot listening to Parker talks about vampires and werewolves, and being provided with unwanted information. Information that Parker should have definitely kept to herself. When you read this fic, your first thought is that Parker could really do something like that in an episode, and Eliot could react like that. So yes, they're in-character, and you'll have a good laugh reading it.

Fic Rec #10: Still wearing my slippers (and eat all the candies at home)
Author: longsufferingly
Pairing: Parker/Alec Hardison
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): G

Why This Must Be Read: This is a beautiful ficlet set in late season 1. It shows that even at the beginning, Hardison always wanted to take care of Parker. This is something that could have really happen in the show. And really, it's just so cute!

Fic Rec #11: Silver and Gold Series
Author: monkeytwin
Pairing: Maggie Collins/James Sterling
Link: lit up by the skylight | overture in the aftermath | a question of cost | onwards and upwards | this kind of liability | concerns of contact | measuring precaution
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13

Why This Must Be Read: As I said, I'm a Maggie/Sterling shipper, and there's a serious lack of fics for them. This series of vignettes is a little gem among the rare fics that exist. It stays canon-compliant but monkeytwin does a good job in exploring the relationship between Maggie and Sterling beyond what we see in the episodes. It's well-written, in-character, and if you love this pairing, it's a must-read.

Fic Rec #12: Fear is the Question
Author: Yavemiel
Pairing: Sophie Devereaux/Nathan Ford, Parker/Alec Hardison
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13

Why This Must Be Read: This is an introspective fic on what each member of the team fears the most. This is a gorgeous fic, and yes, the pairings are more background than anything, but I'm still reccing it here because they're there, just like in the show. Yavemiel really captured the characters well.

Fic Rec #13: The MI6 Job
Author: smthwallflower
Pairing: Sophie Devereaux/Nathan Ford, Parker/Alec Hardison
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG, some violence (well, Eliot does his job)

Why This Must Be Read: Once again, in this fic, the pairings are more background than really present, but I couldn't not rec it. This is a crossover with the Bond Movies (Craig's Bond), and it has the team trying to break into the MI6 and encountering some difficulties. This is really a funny fic, and you know that he'd be real fun to see these two worlds meet one day! ;)

Fic Rec #13: The Father's Son Job
Author: YeahLev
Pairing: Sophie Devereaux/Nathan Ford, Parker/Alec Hardison
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13, some violence.

Why This Must Be Read: This is a multi-parter case fic that is AU for the end of season 4. Nate goes to Ireland after receiving some bad news and the team follows. This fic is just amazing. The characters are all spot-on, there's everything you like in the show, and more! And once you've started reading it, you can't stop until you've reached the end. Fair warning: tissues needed for some parts.

Mods, I need a tag for Maggie Collins/James Sterling.
(and a break, can I have a short break too?)
Tags: fandom: leverage, ship: maggie collins/james sterling, ship: parker/alec hardison, ship: sophie devereaux/nathan ford, special: manifesto

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