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The Syntax of Things Unspoken by Ygrawn

Fandom Category: The West Wing
Pairing: CJ Cregg/Toby Zeigler, Donna Moss/Josh Lyman, Sam Seaborne/Other
Fic Title: The Syntax of Things Unspoken
Author: Ygrawn
Link: http://westwingstories.com/library/stories/ygrawn/syntax.htm
Rating/Warning(s): R
Genre: Angst, introspective, Future!fic
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: This is one of the most beautiful fics I've ever read (in any fandom). It uses words and language wonderfully. It's very sad, but in that heartbreaking, hopeful way that leaves you arching for more. The story is split into four parts; CJ (Adjective), Josh and Donna (Verb), Leo (Noun) and Sam (Adverb). The character work is spot on and every character gets a chance to show who they are.

CJ moves through truth and untruth as other people move through sunlight and shadow, and it is no more consequential to her than those intangible objects. She knows what is true and what is not, but she also knows the harder lesson. She knows the time for truth and the time for lies. She knows to be afraid of neither and wary of both. She knows that the power of a lie and the power of the truth resides in the pauses, not the words.
Tags: fandom: west wing, ship: cj cregg/toby ziegler, ship: donna moss/josh lyman

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