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set, spike, dive! by frea o'scanlin (pg)

Fandom Category: chuck
Pairing: sarah walker / chuck bartowski
Fic Title: set, spike, dive!
Author: frea o'scanlin
Link: | ao3 | epub
Rating/Warning(s): pg
Genre: au, romance, drama, sports
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: this fic was written and published shortly after the london olympics this past summer, riding off the buzz and actually making me feel a little nostalgic and sad that the olympics were over, just because of how deftly the author managed to create a cute, heartfelt little world in which chuck is an underdog diver and sarah an amazonian volleyball player. if you're a fan of chuck and you haven't yet read this author's singularly most famous piece of work, what fates impose (previously recced here by mswyrr), you should really get on that stat! this author always somehow manages to pull you right into a fantastic, easily inhabited world, which makes this fic a fun, light read. it's a fresh au, incorporating all (well, almost all) the characters we love from the chuck!verse and cramming them into the drama of the olympic village, and all in only seven great, easily read chapters.

1/? for special recs for feb
can i get a special reccer tag please? thanks!
Tags: fandom: chuck, ship: sarah walker/chuck bartowski, special reccer: ionizable

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