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Looking Glass by Majesta Moniet (M)

Fandom Category: Infernal Devices
Pairing: Tessa Gray/Jem Carstairs, sort-of Tessa Gray/Will Herondale
Fic Title: Looking Glass
Author: Majesta Moniet
Rating/Warning(s): M (Explicit)
Genre: Angst/Romance
WIP?: No.
Why This Must Be Read: I really enjoy the Infernal Devices books, and in particular I love Tessa Gray as a character -- she is strong, empathetic, and is free of the my-romance-is-the-center-of-the-universe mindset that I find so annoying in Clary Fray, the heroine of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series (for which the Infernal Devices serves as a Victorian-era prequel).  I also love the character of Jem, who is kind, gentle, and so not the guy you think will get the girl (and may not in the end -- the last book in the trilogy will be out in March).  Still, I love stories like this that give Tessa and Jem a future, and this story goes a step further by including Will, who in has tried to prolong Jem's life with a spell that has the unintended consequence of allowing him to see (and feel) through his best friend's eyes -- which is both a blessing and a curse. Highly recommended. And hey, Tessa and Jem sexy times!

Mods, may I have Fandom: Infernal Devices, and Ship: Tessa Gray/Jem Carstairs, and Tessa Gray/Will Herondale tags? Thanks!
Tags: fandom: infernal devices, ship: tessa gray/jem carstairs, ship: tessa gray/will herondale

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