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Alice (tv miniseries), 3 recs, Alice Hamilton/Hatter

Fandom Category: Alice (tv miniseries)
Pairing: Alice Hamilton & Hatter
Fic Title: Of Tea & Chess, Wild Cards & Gambits, Illusions & Destinies
Author: serskye
Link: One, Two, Three
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17
Genre: Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Drama
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 1-3/?

Why This Must Be Read: Once upon a time, when there was no rec for this pairing or fandom, I recced Of Tea & Chess and said this:

This Fic follows right after the end of the mini-series. The writer has the characters down perfectly and the story she created is amazing, very documented, it feels as if you are reading a sequel of the mini-series. There's action, there's romance, everything you found on the show you will find it on this fic. Besides, it's obvious that the writer enjoys this universe because along the story there are so many details of the books and films that it is amazing!

Now, more than two years later, I come back and rec the same thing. You might call it cheating, I call it making sure that all of you read it, I'm also trying to make sure that word gets out there about the two sequels that this story has. I stand behind everything I said that day and don't regret a single word.

If you are new to this pairing or watched the film but were never interested in reading for this fandom, I enormously recomend you do.

To me, this story is THE STORY. And I mean that in the sense that I haven't been able to read any other story in the fandom since I started reading this. I got so much into the world Skye created that to me everything that happens in this story is completely cannon, not because of the reasons we fangirls/fanboys usually do (happy ending and good things that happen to the characters you love), but because it completely blew my mind. And don't try to take out of that sentence that everything about this ride is gonna be flowers and rainbows, note that I included Drama as a genre.

The journey you'll enroll if you decide to trust me and read this (and it's gonna be a REAL journey of about 750,000 words) will make you cry, laugh, sweat, lscream, change your mind drastically about caracters (yes I'm thinking about someone in particular) and blush if you are that kind of person, but over all, it will make you wish it had never ended.
Tags: fandom: alice (tv miniseries), ship: alice hamilton/hatter, special reccer: syd15

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