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"Driftwood" by Ponderosa

Fandom Category: James Bond (Skyfall)
Pairing: M/James Bond
Fic Title: Driftwood
Author: Ponderosa
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit
Genre: smut, drama, character study
WIP?: Nope

Why This Must Be Read: An alternate take on the ending of the scene at M's apartment, this short piece is moody, introspective, and hot as hell.

James looked from the door to where M's trailing shadow slipped towards the bedroom. Stray dog come home to its master, of course he wouldn't spend the night. A hotel would be simple, and the hour early enough for the lobby bar to entertain more than professionals. Having been a few days without a razor and smelling like a drunkard would even make the game a bit of a challenge.

He considered the option, thoroughly, but the greater challenge presented a more attractive reward. M didn't scold him for heading to the bathroom and turning on the taps, and she looked only mildly irritated when he came back to her, skin steaming from the heat of the shower.

"A marginal improvement," she said, though her eyes never left the screen of her laptop. The glow cast her skin in an unflattering shade, the light spilling blue onto the pristine white pillows propped up behind her.

"Marginal will do, ma'am." He stood beside her, waiting for the moment when her fingers slid off the keys, a subtle invitation to lift the laptop away and set it on the writing desk beneath the window.

(thanks to maharet83@dreamwidth for reccing this to me!)
Tags: fandom: james bond, ship: m/james bond

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