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Challenge 103 - Animated shows - Young Justice, 11 recs. Multipairing.

Fandom Category: Young Justice/Batman
Pairing: Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson, Artemis/Wally
Fic Title: Queen of Hearts
Author: Ironyrocks
Rating/Warning(s): Mature, sex, lanuage, violence
Genre: long fic, episode related. drama/romance
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Dick has been hiding something for months and it's time Barbara finds out what it is. For a person used to secrets, her world is about to be turned upside down by the revelation of one more. Really fantastic fic that does a great job of exploring the Barbara/Dick dynamics, especially in a show that hasn't yet highlighted them in many scenes together in s2. It's now my headcanon. Not to mention, it has a really interesting plot that explores s2 and all it's twists.

At first, it’s literally the most awkward hug of her entire life because he just stands there, as firm and severe as he’s been all day, and she thinks it’s weird that she’s only ever been this close to him when they’re sparring or in the aftermath of a disaster. Then his rigid posture starts to melt a little, his shoulders softening before crumbling completely. His arms suddenly go from limp to vice-like around her torso, and she feels him exhale out over the spot where her shoulder meets her neck. It’s suddenly, desperately, painfully intimate.

They stay like that for a long time. She doesn’t know how long.

When she pulls back, she keeps her voice soft but firm, “Dick, talk to me. You don’t have to carry this all by yourself, y’know?”

“There’s nothing to talk about, Barbara. I just…” he sighs, heavily, then puts a few feet in between them again, regaining his equilibrium with every step he takes. “I just need some time to myself.”

He’s been doing that more and more, lately.

They’ve never been “best buddies.” Not officially, anyway, because he has Wally for that. They’re not partners either, because mostly Dick’s partner has always been Batman, even after going their separate ways. They’ve never been anything close to boyfriend and girlfriend, despite what the rumor mill and nearly half of their close friends allege (and the other half suspect). They’ve never even acknowledged out loud what sort of relationship they have with one another. It’s just… there. She’s Barbara and he’s Dick, or he’s Nightwing and she’s Batgirl. At some point, without her even realizing it, they became a pair. A pair of what, exactly, she doesn’t know, but one thing’s for certain: she knows Dick Grayson in a way that no one else does.

And she knows when he doesn’t want to be pushed.

Problem is, Barbara’s never been one to let others set her limits.

Fandom Category: Young Justice
Pairing: Artemis Crock/Wally West
Fic Title: the seasons stop and hide beneath the ground
Author: usoverlooked
Rating/Warning(s): teen and up
Genre: angst
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: It's different. She comes back and it's different; he painted the apartment. This isn't his fault, not truly, because Artemis was gone for nearly a year and she figures he's allowed to do that. Warning: Bring your tissue for this one.

It's different. She comes back and it's different; he painted the apartment. This isn't his fault, not truly, because Artemis was gone for nearly a year and she figures he's allowed to do that. Wally is allowed to move the spice rack from the drawer to the lazy suzan beside the dishwasher. He's allowed to let the dog move into their, no his, it would be his, bedroom permanently. It is more than fine that there's new furniture (not ragged and worn and stained with their blood from missions or food from meals together) and a rug that looks entirely too clean. She can't fault him for it.

He wants so hard to make it how it used to be. But Wally can't remember where the coffee table was when she left and he migrated to the middle of the bed at some point and it's all twisted now. He's a trier. Wally tries harder at everything than anyone else. Unfortunately as he grows older (and bitterer) he realizes part of trying more, is failing more. There's a kid from another time who doesn't mean to outshine him glowing and streaking through fields, saving a world that isn't even his yet. His girl isn't his anymore; not entirely.

She's Artemis, yes, but some foreign strain of Artemis that he doesn't know. Her laugh is slower, she doesn't rise to his arguments as easily ('you're probably right,' she says one night and his heart breaks a little) and she keeps herself from him. It's automatic and fine; the way she holds herself stiff and upright now, arms at side or across her chest. But he misses it, the way her legs used to flow across the couch onto his lap or her head collapsing onto his shoulder during a movie marathon. It isn't her fault though.

Fandom Category: Young Justice
Pairing: Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson
Fic Title: Only My Everything
Author: chalantness
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Genre: s1 fic. humor/ust
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Barbara befriends Gotham Academy's newest transfer student: Artemis Crock. "What was up with you and Dick Grayson earlier?" Because I have a thing for Barbara and Artemis becoming friends at Gotham Academy, and you just know Dick trolled the hell out of that. I like this version of the tale because there's flirting between Dick and Barbara that I refuse to believe did not go down all through the ages and any 'verse that holds these two together.

"Since when were you and Artemis suddenly best friends?"

She catches his fist inches before it can make contact with her stomach and tries to flip him, but he just takes her with him and they end up swapping places. "I spent my last two periods with her," Barbara reminds, "I'm not sure if that makes us best friends." She tumbles towards him and he catches her foot before it hits his groin area, mid-cartwheel. "Besides, she's an interesting girl."

"Is she now?" Dick releases her, throwing a punch that she dodges as soon as she is back on her feet. "So you go around talking about me with everyone?"


"She was the one asking about you," she informs casually. "I was just answering her questions."

He smirks. "Right, because she asked you about your relation to Robin."

"How did you—"

However, she feels her feet get kicked out from underneath her and her back hits the cold floor. She looks up to find him laughing in her face again. "Déjà vu, huh Barbie?"

She rolls her eyes and tries to shove him off, but he rolls off of her and onto his knees before she can touch him. "You know I hate it when you call me that," she groans, shooting a glare in his direction.

"Letting your opponent know your weakness is not an admirable choice," a voice informs, and their heads turn to see a suited Bruce walking towards them with Alfred behind, a tray in hand. Bruce offers Barbara his hand and she smiles and takes it, letting him pull her up. "Though, I pity any opponent that goes against you."

Fandom Category: Young Justice
Pairing: Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson, Artemis Crock/Wally West
Fic Title: Math Club and Other Sources of Disaster
Author: Peripeteia
Rating/Warning(s): general audience
Genre: s1 fic. humor/ust
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: On her first day at Gotham Academy, Artemis makes a new friend. Dick flips out. Wally trolls. Another funny fic about Barbara and Artemis becoming friends, and Dick's take on it. Added Wally bonus. What more could you want?

"What's Artemis doing here?!" Wally asked, finally in a whisper, once Dick released him.

"Going to school."

Wally's easily apparent panic was so close to the level of Dick's own initial reaction that he actually felt a bit touched by the concern.

"Have you told You Know Who about this?! It's not exactly good for the whole secret identity thing."

Dick sighed, both in frustration at the situation and relief at an ally in indignation.

"He already knows!"

The relief, at least, was fleeting.

"Oh, well then," Wally said, cycling down through surprise and straight to acceptance in about two seconds flat. "Besides her potentially getting to annoy you in both lives what's the big deal?"

"The big deal is that he's okay with it entirely because we're in different grades and classes and everything, so he thinks if she's never around Dick Grayson she won't have a chance to figure it out."

Wally's acceptance receded, but was suddenly replaced with an edge of suspicion that Dick wasn't even ready to try to start sussing out.

"Sounds fine to me," he said a bit too forcefully. "Do you, like, want to hang around her or something?"

Still mostly facing Wally, Dick could only just see the girls in his peripheral vision: plaid and blonde and that bright, vibrant splotch of red at the corner. Wally stared him down, and Dick tried his best not to turn his head or let his eyes flicker that way. His body betrayed him again.

His eyes landed on Babs as Artemis set her backpack down beside the other girl and jogged back towards the school, evidently having forgotten something. He swallowed thickly, throat spontaneously dry.

Wally followed his gaze, and it was like the last weird ninety seconds never happened.

"Oh, I get it," he said, childlike delight in his voice. "The problem isn't Artemis. You just don't want to be cut off from her new bff, Red Delicious."

Fandom Category: Young Justice
Pairing: Artemis Crock/Wally West
Fic Title: the beginning of yes
Author: kittu9
Rating/Warning(s): teen and up
Genre: humor
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: “I have the nicest girlfriend,” Wally said, paper-dry. “No, really, you’re magnanimous, is what you are. And as always, thank you for understanding that I don’t want to commit a felony. Somehow it seems less romantic than enthusiastic consent.” Of all the boyfriends in the world, Artemis Crock would find the one who refuses to have sex with her while she's underage. With that type of summary, do I really need to add anything?

“I’m not trying to assume anything, but I think we should wait to have sex,” he said in a rush, and smeared his hands down his face in an attempt to clear his head, regain some equilibrium and oh, he found some of her missing lipstick, on his own mouth.

“Oh, no, buster,” she said, rising up on her knees and pushing at his shoulder. “What is your problem? Yes, okay, I’ve kissed a ton of people, but I haven’t slept with any of them, what are you worried about?”

He had to give her points for not getting so offended as to sign his death notice. “That’s not what I meant! I meant, you’re really hot. And I’m, wow, I’m really bothered, could you not touch me while we talk about this?”

She obliged, pulling back from him and crossing her arms theatrically beneath her breasts, which didn’t exactly help matters. Wally tried thinking of really unattractive past missions, but her boobs are still there, under her shirt, and if he really wanted he could touch her. Fuck.

“Okay,” he said, exhaling hard. “Perhaps this is bad timing.”

“No, I think all conversations regarding physical intimacy should take place while actively making out,” Artemis said. “If it’s not me, what’s wrong with you? Girl’s got needs.”

That being approximately the opening he was looking for, not like that, West. “I have needs too,” he gritted out. “Namely, the need to not feel like a total asshole. You’re fifteen.”


“So it’s illegal for us to--for me to--”

“Fuck,” she said, an answer and a statement and possibly a complaint, all in one. “Of all the issues I imagined you having, chivalry was not one of them.”

Fandom Category: Young Justice
Pairing: Artemis Crock/Wally West
Fic Title: how i wonder what you are
Author: satellites (radish_earring)
Rating/Warning(s): General audience
Genre: humor/romance
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: So, for the record, Artemis doesn’t go over to Wally’s house because she’s worried about him. Because their adorable, "I don't really care about him/her, but really their the person I care about the most" routine was one of my favorite things about them in s1. This captures that banter and dynamic perfectly.

“Are you okay or not?” Artemis blurts out hatefully. Wally blinks, lowering his glass.

“Um.” His eyebrows knit themselves together and Artemis wants to punch him for making that face, for having that face. “Yeah. I’m fine. Sure. Didn’t you already ask me that?”

“I just – I worry,” she mutters almost venomously, slamming her glass down onto the counter and folding her arms. “I thought you were – that I’d, um—“

Her eyes had been closed, but she feels a large warm presence suddenly shift close to her and she opens them. She has to keep herself from leaping back when she notices that Wally is now standing an inch or so, minimum, from her, and his sleepy half-lidded green eyes are fixated on her. She swallows, holding his gaze without blinking, keeping her chin jutting out as if challenging him.

“I’m right here,” he whispers. “You can poke me to make sure I’m real.”

“No, I’m convinced,” she rasps out, then clears her throat and her voice returns to its usual husky adamance. “I’d like to avoid touching you as much as I can anyway.”

Wally surprises her – he raises one bandaged hand and places it lightly on her left cheek, his thumb resting directly beneath her eye. She doesn’t flinch away, miraculously, but each and every inch of her skin tenses with the contact, and she has to inhale deeply to keep from instinctively kicking him in the face.

“Whoops,” he says, grinning innocently and shrugging. Artemis, on any other occasion, would bat his hand away, but his gauze-wrapped palm is shockingly soft and light on the skin of her cheek, and he won’t stop looking her in the eye.

“You are concussed,” she declares.

“Maybe,” Wally agrees, sounding far too pleased at the prospect.

He shifts closer to her, and his hand rests on her face a bit more steadily, and she can’t stoplooking at him, her eyes flickering between his rhythmically.

“Hey, so on a scale of one to ten,” he says idly, full of self-confidence, “how much do you want me to kiss you right now?”

Fandom Category: Young Justice
Pairing: Artemis Crock/Wally West, M'gann/Superboy
Fic Title: One Universal Constant
Author: Ironyrocks
Rating/Warning(s): mature
Genre: Long fic, future fic/AU
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Eight years later, everything is changed. The Light is playing their endgame. In order to save countless lives, Artemis is forced to work with the team she long ago left behind, but facing the challenges of the Justice League is only part of the battle. A checkered past, an unraveling conspiracy, and of course, Wally West. It's time Artemis stopped running. One of the best, tightly plotted fics in the fandom. You will thank me for reading this. Great characterization, lovely romance, and the plot - dude. It will keep you guessing in the end, and blow your mind.

For a long second afterwards, Artemis remained rigid and unmoving. She hadn't seen Wally in years, and even then, their last few meetings had been nothing but brief and perfunctory, jabbed with awkward silence that would explode into a vicious fight with no warning at all. She braced herself with a slow inhale, and then turned around as she exhaled. Wally was halted at the foot of some secret entrance that must have been installed since the last time she’d been here; his head was tilted to one side, hands jammed in his pockets, goggles shoved up and perched across the tuff of his red hair. She took in his appearance in a microsecond, and he wore loosely fitted washed jeans and a red long-sleeved shirt under a short-sleeved yellow one; the sight of him lodged all words in her throat. She hadn’t been expecting him.

“Hey, Arty,” he greeted with a biting smile – and like a fingersnap, the spell was broken; she hated when he called her that, which was exactly why he did it. “Long time, no see. You’re looking gooood. Been working out—”

“Where’s Aqualad?” Artemis cut in, determined not to take the bait.

He tipped an eyebrow up, feigning hurt. “Nice to see you, too. Aqualad had some things to do.”

“Seriously, Wally, what the hell? Kaldur calls me up out of the blue for an emergency, and then isn’t even here. What’s going on?”

“Jeeze, Artemis. He’ll be back in the morning, and figured I could be with the welcome wagon.” He gestured wide, a mockery of a bow. “You’ll excuse me if I didn’t bake cookies in celebration.”

Annoyance surged up her spine, but Artemis couldn’t help it. The mood was beyond her control, and he may have done nothing (yet) more egregious than greet her with that insufferable smirk, but seeing him had thrown her. Aqualad hadn’t mentioned Wally; everybody knew that they weren’t on speaking terms since their breakup. His sudden appearance put her on the defensive, and if there was one thing Artemis had learned from a young age, it was to come out swinging when she was on the defensive.

But then Wally derailed all thoughts in a single breath. “It’s M'gann,” he said, and they dropped all passive aggressive bullshit because he suddenly looked like he didn’t have any fight left in him. His shoulders sagged, his tone took on a somber lit, and his green eyes darkened. “She’s... she’s dying.”

Fandom Category: Young Justice
Pairing: Artemis Crock/Wally West
Fic Title: what you did today
Author: empressearwig
Rating/Warning(s): general audience
Genre: romance
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Wally does not accept the break up. Cute fic in which Wally is bound and determined to get Artemis back. How adorable.

The day after Sportsmaster ends up in Belle Reve at the hands of the team, Artemis breaks up with Wally. Wally might be a boy, with all the accompanying boy blindness, but even he's not blind enough to miss the connection.

He tries to be understanding. Having a super villain for a dad must suck, and he can see how it would make someone doubt their ability to be in a normal, functional relationship, even with someone completely awesome, which, fyi, he totally is. But a week goes by with nary an apology for being so shortsighted, and then two weeks without the begging him to take her back scene that he's been imagining, and enough is enough. His understanding has limits, and the fact of the matter is that he flat out misses her.

Wally misses her stupid hair and how it always manages to work its way into his mouth when they're making out, and the fact that Artemis has never met a midriff baring top that she didn't like, and don't even get him started on how much he misses her boots. Those boots have a regular, starring feature in Wally's fantasies and he's not even ashamed to admit it. No one who's ever seen them would judge him for it.

And he misses other stuff too, like how good she smells and how she never lets him get away with anything and how she always double checks to see if he remembered his snacks before they go on a mission, and okay, the list of things he doesn't miss would probably be shorter.

Fandom Category: Young Justice
Pairing: Artemis Crock/Wally West
Fic Title: it takes a heap of living
Author: kittu9
Rating/Warning(s): General Audience
Genre: baby fic.
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Jade’s going out of town, so she drops her sixteen-week-old off at her sister’s for a couple days. Surprisingly, Wally and Artemis take to full-time babysitting like ducks to water. Because how awesome is this idea? Too awesome for words.

Wally was, by now, used to the comings and goings of Artemis' family in her life, in that he was used to the effect it had on Artemis (generally: poor to terrible). That being said, their communications were usually scarce during the school year—Paula out of seriousness and Jade out of a mixture of apathy and pride—so he was surprised when Jade showed up on a Thursday and broke a perfectly good deadbolt. She was showing off, he was positive; even Wally could pick that lock of he needed to, but Jade just jammed a knife in the lock, twisted, and pushed open the door to the apartment. Artemis was at her work-study and wouldn't be home until nine, which Jade probably knew if she'd been checking her email, so he had no idea why she even bothered.

"Head up, West," Jade said, and threw a bag at his head. Wally caught it at the expense of another drinking glass (there was, he suspected, another Ikea trip in his future. They'd only moved in two weeks ago).

"Jade," he said, more concerned by the glass studding the area rug, "what brings you to our humble abode?"

"I need a favor," she said, and unfastened the unusually bulky coat she wore. "Where's your better half?"

"You know she works," Wally said. "Hey, I didn't know you'd had the baby! Congratulations!"

Jade scowled and shifted out of the sling she wore under her coat. "It isn't common knowledge, lover boy."

"Please," Wally said. "It was kind of obvious. Plus Artemis was in knots for weeks and your mom kept calling for updates, I'm not totally ignorant." Despite the scowl, Jade handed the baby over; it wasn't very old, not that Wally knew much about babies, and it had a healthy quantity of reddish hair.

"Lian Harper," Jade said, once Wally'd gotten an elbow under the baby's head. "Sixteen weeks. Red doesn't know."

"I don't play that game anymore, anyway," Wally said, but quietly; Lian was sleeping. "What do you need?"

Fandom Category: Young Justice
Pairing: Cassie Sandsmark/Conner Kent (Wondergirl/Superboy)
Fic Title: Walk in My Direction
Author: chalantness
Rating/Warning(s): teen
Genre: AU,
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: . Part of the College 'verse. Conner agreed to come back to the farm for Fourth of July because he got the week off from work and it's been a while since he's seen any family. Not so his dad could try and set him up with anyone. An AU in which everyone is going to college, without superpowers. This is the story of how Connor and Cassie fit into it.

Diana smiles at him knowingly. "Is there something else you wanted to talk about?" she asks Conner.

"How did you…"

"I've known you since you were a baby," Diana reminds. "Just because your father doesn't push all the time, doesn't mean that I won't."

Clark gives her an amused look and Diana laughs and steals one of his sausage links.

He smiles at the exchange, but honestly?

Yeah, part of him kind of wanted to talk about everything. Because while they were running, he had this fleeting thought that he could picture himself running with her every morning in that same comfortable silence. And when he was talking to her, it was the first time he mentioned Megan without really feeling bitter over it or something, or immediately remembering everything that happened between them. It was like he didn't feel the need to dwell on it just because he mentioned her name.

He'd tell Clark and Diana, but he kind of already knows that they'd tell them that it's a good sign because he's starting to move on or something like that. And yeah, he did start to compare Megan to Cassie like he tends to do with every girl he spends time with, but that went away after the first few hours. And he actually didn't notice that fact until now.

He debates saying all of this, but then Cassie walks into the room and greets them, grabs a plate and takes a seat beside him.

She laughs when she steals one of his bacon strips, and he can't help but be amused.

Maybe Cassie really is his Diana.

Fandom Category: Young Justice
Pairing: Cassie Sandsman/Conner Kent
Fic Title: of strawberries and obliviousness
Author: pidgeon
Rating/Warning(s): teen
Genre: humor, ficlet
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Cassie can't remember chocolate-dipped strawberries being as good as Superboy makes them look. Short, cute, and perfectly in character.

The act is so innocent. Cassie doesn't even know why she notices it in the first place. It probably has to a lot to do with the fact that it's Superboy that is the one doing it.

It is no big secret, to anyone with eyes, that Cassie might have a teeny-tiny little crush on him. But what girl or boy didn't? He had everything...practically. He's strong, good-looking, not to mention that he's a superhero in the making! But that isn't why she likes him.

Cassie likes him because he uses his strength to protect his friends, because he could care less about looks, and because he saves people without expecting anything. Cassie likes Superboy because he's a good person. And liking him is what has brought her to current predicament.

Which is watching Superboy eat a strawberry. If it had been someone else she wouldn't even be bothered. But seriously, did he have to eat it like that? Like, it's the most fantastic thing he's ever tasted? No, he didn't. Cassie can't remember chocolate-dipped strawberries being as good as Superboy makes them look.

Just watching him wrap his, luscious, lips around that strawberry and bite. And then, watching him lick his lips to wipe away any stray chocolate...damn. She tugs at the front of her shirt. When had it started getting so hot?

She groans, burying her head into her arms. This is so pathetic. Maybe she should do what Batgirl suggested and confess. That way she could watch him as much as she wanted and not feel like a total pervert.

When someone touches her shoulder she is startled and knocks over her chair. She looks up only to find herself in a stare off with Superboy. His blue, oh so blue, eyes looking into hers. She can't help but swoon just a little.

"Um, are you...okay?"
Tags: fandom: batman, fandom: young justice, ship: artemis crock/wally west, ship: barbara gordon/dick grayson, ship: cassie sandsmark/conner kent, ship: m'gann m'orzz/conner kent

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