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01 Secret Admirer by shanachie_quill, PG13, Hawaii Five-0, Kono Kalakaua, Charlie Fong

Fandom Category:Hawaii 5-0
Pairing: Kono Kalakaua, Charlie Fong
Fic Title: [Sorta] Secret Admirer
Author: shanachie_quill
Link: http://shanachie-quill.livejournal.com/195996.html
Rating/Warning(s): PG13. Sappiness
Genre: Romance
WIP?: Complete

Why This Must Be Read: The path to true love is not always smooth. Charlie is shy and so he leaves Kono gifts. After talking to her cousin, he realizes what he should do and why. Kono surprises him.

Special Recommendation 1 of 20
Tags: fandom: hawaii 5-0, ship: kono kalakaua/charlie fong, special reccer: riverotter1951

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