moonknife (moonknife) wrote in het_reccers,

Yellow Brick Road by Hedge Labyrinth (T)

Fandom Category: Prometheus
Pairing: Elizabeth Shaw/David
Fic Title: Yellow Brick Road
Author: Hedge Labyrinth
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Drama
WIP?: No.

Why This Must Be Read: Michael Fassbender's thoughtful portrayal of the android David in the Alien prequel "Prometheus" made him even more intriguing to me than the space jockeys and primordial face huggers. I won't spoil the end of that film for people who haven't seen it, but this fic picks up where it left off, and builds a haunting and believable relationship between a woman who is torn between science and faith and a machine who is slowly, beautifully, tragically becoming a man. Highly recommended.

Mods, may I have tags for Prometheus and Elizabeth Shaw/David?
Tags: fandom: prometheus, ship: elizabeth shaw/david

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