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Ex Tenebris, Lux by afterandalasia (Teen)

Fandom Category: Cinderella (1950)
Pairing: Cinderella/Prince Charming
Fic Title: Ex Tenebris, Lux
Author: afterandalasia
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/248533
Rating/Warning(s): Teen/Abuse aftermath, Miscarriage, Mentions past emotional and physical abuse
Genre: Drama, Recovery, Depression
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 18 of 22

Why This Must Be Read: Author's summary: When you have lived in the dark, how can you learn to come to the light? When you have been taught evil, how can you teach good? Some things never leave us, and Cinderella fights to escape the ghosts of her past so that she can offer hope to her family. The author does such a great job of showing how difficult it is for Cinderella to adjust to being a wife and eventually a mother. It is a heartbreaking journey she goes on but also a hopeful one.
Tags: fandom: cinderella, ship: cinderella/prince charming, special reccer: honor_reid

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