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Goshen by Bonetree

Fandom Category: The X-Files
Pairing: Dana Scully/Fox Mulder
Fic Title: Goshen
Author: Bonetree
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): MSR, spoilers through S6
Genre: Angst, Romance
WIP?: Not really, although what follows this fic are numerous novel length stories by the same author, all within the same universe, and I recommend every last one of them. You can find them by looking in the author section at www.gossamer.org.

Why This Must Be Read:

It's actually been a long time since I read this fic, but when I discovered this author, I lost nights and nights of sleep trying to finish her stuff. When I eventually succeeded, I was devastated. Her characterization is flawless, and if what you want is fic you can just get lost in (for ludicrous amounts of time), here you have it.

I hope this hasn't been recced here before -- I scanned through all the current recs and didn't find it. If it has, I apologize.
Tags: fandom: x-files, ship: dana scully/fox mulder

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