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Admin - Anime/Manga Names in Tags Decision

Having read comments and discussed the issue with irony_rocks we've come to decision that we're going to go forward and use Canon Naming Within the Anime.

That does mean the majority of the names in tags will have to be changed to the Last Name/First Name Japanse style of naming, but for the animes or mangas that do not rely on that style (eg. Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy 7, Baccano!) we will not be changing them. Also from now on we will require that when reccing that the names should be written according to the canon of the anime/manga to keep things organised when tagging.

So from now on:

Ship: Chi-Chi Son/Goku Son should be recced as Ship: Son Chi-Chi/Son Goku
Ship: Faye Valentine/Spike Spiegel should still be recced as Ship: Faye Valentine/Spike Spiegel.

eta: This should also apply to other forms of Asian media such as Jdrama and Kdramas, which I would imagine have the same issue. (I'm not sure many have been recced on the comm anyway.) So if anyone who is familiar with the dramas would please also look through the tags and point any out it would be appreciated.

Now this is going to take a while to change so please bare with us while this happens. Also acenpokerface was kind enough to wrangle up a list of names that so far need to be changed, but if you see any other in the tags that need to be alternate please let us know. If you have any more questions about this please let us know!

Names Currently in Western Style:
*names meant to be westernized anyway (so far as I can tell)

ship: aerith gainsborough/zack fair*
ship: akane tendo/ranma saotome
ship: ami mizuno/zoicite
ship: bulma briefs/vegeta
ship: chi-chi son/goku son
ship: cleao everlasting/krylancelo finradi*
ship: eries aston/folken fanel*
ship: elysia hughes/alphonse elric*
ship: ema skye/klavier gavin*
ship: faye valentine/jet black*
ship: faye valentine/spike spiegel*
ship: haruhi fujioka/kyouya ootori
ship: haruhi fujioka/takashi "mori" mori
ship: haruhi suzumiya/kyon
ship: hikari "kari" kamiya/takeru "t.k."
ship: hiyori sarugaki/shinji hirako
ship: julia/spike spiegel*
ship: julia/vicious*
ship: julia chang/steve fox *
ship: julia chang/jin kazama*
ship: julia chang/steve fox*
ship: jun kazama/kazuya mishima
ship: kagome higurashi/inuyasha
ship: kagome higurashi/sesshoumaru
ship: kaoru kamiya/himura kenshin
ship: kaoru kamiya/soujiro seta
ship: kumiko yamaguchi/shin sawada
ship: kyoko mogami/sho fuwa
ship: lili rochefort/hwoarang*
ship: ling ziaoyu/forrest law*
ship: maes hughes/gracia hughes*
ship: makino tsukushi/domyouji tsukasa
ship: makoto kino/nephrite
ship: megumi takani/aoshi shinomori
ship: megumi takani/sanosuke sagara
ship: miharu hirano/tougou
ship: minako aino/kunzite
ship: misa amane/l
ship: misao makimachi/soujiro seta
ship: nel zelpher/albel nox*
ship: nemu kurostsuchi/jyuushiro ukitake
ship: orihime inoue/byakuya kuchiki
ship: orihime inoue/grimmjow jaegerjaque
ship: orihime inoue/ishida uryu (interesting case in that ishida’s name is in Japanese style; Westernized is uryu ishida)
ship: orihime inoue/renji abarai
ship: orihime inoue/ulquiorra cifer
ship: quistis trepe/seifer almasy*
ship: rangiku matsumoto/byakuya kuchiki
ship: rangiku matsumoto/gin ichimaru
ship: rei hino/jadeite
ship: riza hawkeye/roy mustang*
ship: robin sena/amon*
ship: rukia kuchiki/ichigo kurosaki
ship: rukia kuchiki/renji abarai
ship: sakura haruno/hyuuga neji (neji’s name would be neji hyuuga in Western format)
ship: sakura haruno/inuzuka kiba (kiba’s name would be kiba inuzuka in Western format)
ship: sakura haruno/itachi uchiha
ship: sakura haruno/kakashi hatake
ship: sakura haruno/naruto uzumaki
ship: sakura haruno/rock lee (technically, lee’s name would be lee rock in western form, but even dubbed English versions keep it in the Japanese format)
ship: sakura haruno/sasuke uchiha
ship: sakura haruno/uzumaki naruto (obviously doubled, Western format for Naruto’s name would be the above form)
ship: soi-fon/byakuya kuchiki
ship: temari/kakuzu
ship: temari/shikamaru nara
ship: tenten/sasuke uchiha
ship: tifa lockhart/cloud strife*
ship: usagi tsukino/mamoru chiba
ship: videl satan/gohan son
ship: winry rockbell/edward elric*
ship: winry rockbell/jean havoc*
ship: winry rockbell/roy mustang*
ship: yachiru kusajishi/byakuya kuchiki
ship: yoruichi shihouhin/byakuya kuchiki
ship: yoruichi shihouhin/isshin kurosaki
ship: yoruichi shihouhin/jushiro ukitake (spelled jyuushiro in ship: nemu kurotsuchi/jyuushiro ukitake. ‘jyuushiro’ is closer to the original Japanese)
ship: yoruichi shihouhin/kaien shiba
ship: yoruichi shihouhin/kisuke urahara
ship: yoruichi shihouhin/kon
ship: yoruichi shihouhin/renji abarai
ship: yoruichi shihouhin/ulquiorra schif
ship: yuffie kisaragi/cloud strife*
ship: yuffie kisaragi/vincent valentine*

Names Currently in Japanese Style (duplicates indicated in parentheses):

ship: haruno sakura/deidara (character doubling for sakura)
ship: haruno sakura/rock lee (pairing doubling)
ship: haruno sakura/sai (character doubling for sakura)
ship: hyuuga hinata/hyuuga neji (character doubling for neji, ship: sakura haruno/hyuuga neji, see above note)
ship: hyuuga hinata/uzumaki naruto (character doubling for naruto, ship: sakura haruno/naruto uzumaki)
ship: ise nanao/kyouraku shunsui
ship: ise nanao/zaraki kenpachi
ship: kasumi fuu/jin
ship: kotonami kanae/uesugi hio
ship: kotonami kanae/yashiro yukihito
ship: kuchiki rukia/ishida uryu (character doubling for both, ship: rukia kuchiki/ichigo kurosaki, ship: rukia kuchiki/renji abarai, ship: orihime inoue/ishida uryu (see note above))
ship: kusajishi yachiru/hitsugaya toshiro (character doubling for yachiru, ship kusajishi yachiru/hitsugaya toshiro)
ship: mogami kyoko/tsuruga ren (character doubling for kyoko, ship: kyoko mogami/sho fuwa)
ship: ogino chihiro/haku
ship: yamada ayumi/nomiya takumi

Irrelevant (only one name available):
ship: ahiru/fakir
ship: botan/koenma
ship: eva/sparda
ship: granmamare/fujimoto
ship: konan/pain
ship: larxene/roxas
ship: naminé/riku
ship: olette/roxas
ship: rin/sesshoumaru
ship: sango/miroku
ship: tsunade/jiraya
ship: yaone/dokugakuji
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