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Day 29: all over these eyes a storm is rolling over by electrumqueen (All ages)

Day 29 - A fic that best deals with that character you loved who was unfairly fridged/killed in canon.

Fandom Category: Dark is Rising Sequence
Pairing: Jane Drew/Will Stanton
Fic Title: all over these eyes a storm is rolling over
Author: electrumqueen / electrumqueen
Link: all over these eyes a storm is rolling over
Rating/Warning(s): General Audiences
Genre: General/AU
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: There was always something about Jane, Jana, Juno, Jane.

If you've ever read the five-book series, you'll know that the Drews' ending is somewhat bittersweet. As someone who loved Jane, there were a lot of lingering questions, too, about her connections with the Greenwitch and the Lady that were left unanswered. I won't say more, to avoid spoilers, but in this story things end a different way for Jane.

There is also a fanmix to this story, for those who are interested.
Tags: fandom: dark is rising sequence, ship: jane drew/will stanton, special: 30 day meme

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