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Shamy Verse, by Xmarisolx (T/Mature)

Fandom Category: Big Bang Theory
Pairing: Sheldon Cooper/Amy Farrah Fowler, Leonard Hofstadter/Penny
Fic Title: Marisol's Shamy 'Verse
Author: xmarisolx
Rating/Warning(s): teen/mature Genre: ongoing series. epic
WIP?: series is ongoing, but there's two finished stories within it.

Why This Must Be Read: Wow. Best BBT voices ever. The first story in this series is a nice one-shot, the second one is longer and more meatier, and the third is ongoing epic. I find every single character in this stunningly in character. Clever lines, smart characterization, and funny. It's a realistic portrayal to Amy and Sheldon's ongoing relationship, including the hang ups and the obstacles facing them. Really, really enjoyed this.

“Oh my God,” Amy gasped.

Sheldon looked up from his program and saw the young man in question standing at the podium.

“Hello all,” the speaker began. “I’m Dr. Corey Stiller with the Southern California State University, and the theme of my talk is—“

Sheldon leaned over. “Is he a friend of yours?” he asked.

“Hardly,” Amy replied.  “In fact, we are rapidly becoming sworn enemies.”

Sheldon clapped his hands in delight at this news.  “A nemesis!  Well done Amy Farrah Fowler,” he said.  “All the great ones have one.  Spiderman has the Green Goblin, Batman has the Joker, The Flash has Zoom, and I have…,” –  his voice dropped to a low rumble – “Will Wheaton.”

“Well,” Amy moaned, “I wish I could share your enthusiasm, but I’ve found my ‘nemesis’ to be little more than a personal nuisance and a parasite on my research.”

“In what way?” Sheldon asked with furrowed brow.

“Well, Corey’s research department has long been at the proverbial ‘shallow end’ of the scientific community pool.  However, a recent head to head battle between he and I for a grant from the National Science Foundation turned our mutual indifference into a mounting rivalry.”

“Who won the grant?” Sheldon asked.  Amy glared at him over her glasses.  “My apologies,” he said.

“Ever since,” she continued, “he has spent as much time foolishly trying to disprove my research as he has spent maligning my name among our colleagues.”

“Nemesis indeed,” Sheldon growled.  Just then, Amy’s phone rang.  She excused herself and stepped out of the room to answer it.

“Amy,” she answered.

“So,” Penny purred.  “How is everything going?”

“Delightful.  There’s a delegation of researchers here from Germany that are making amazing strides in the field of neural mapping.”

“No, I mean, how’s it going with Sheldon?” Penny clarified.

“Oh, Sheldon’s doing quite well also.  In spite of himself, he’s become fascinated with a symposium on the brain of gamers.”

“Um, sweetie,” Penny began, taking a deep breath.  “Let’s clear something up here.  If I ask you anything else about this conference, I only want to know about one thing: you, Sheldon and, uh…” she cleared her throat.

“OH!,” Amy exclaimed with recognition.  “You’re referring to Operation Penetration.

Tags: fandom: big bang theory, ship: amy fowler/sheldon cooper, ship: penny/leonard hofstadter

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