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Day 25: Clear Skies by KrisEleven (T)

Day 25 - A fic where a canon character is paired with an original character.

Fandom Category: Will of the Empress
Pairing: Trisana Chandler/OC
Fic Title: Clear Skies
Author: KrisEleven
Rating/Warning(s): T.
Genre: General
WIP?: No. Completed MC.

Why This Must Be Read: Willing to try anything to be normal, Tris hides her powers and her name to go to Lightsbridge. But of course the life she's chosen is not without its own perils... Will she be able to survive when her new life demands she give up everything she once was?

During Will of the Empress, Tris reveals to the rest of the Circle that she wants to attend Lightsbridge. This has spawned many fics based on the idea, and in my opinion, this is easily the best. The cast of characters are well developed enough you love them even as you want to shake some sense into them, the plot is engrossing, the character development on everyones' parts is very well done, and, of course, the cameos from the rest of the Circle gives it a nice touch. Tris herself is just perfect, in between her cynical view of the world, her wisdom from experience, and her insecurities.

She remembered the last months she had with them, in Summersea.

"Bleatbrain!" Sandry yelled, her eyes flaring.

"Now, Duchess," Briar had replied, condescending and calm, "You- being so much higher than us lowly folk- shouldn't lower yourself to use language like that."

"You infuriating thief!" Sandry had stomped her foot on the workroom floor. Briar opened his mouth to yell a reply.

"Shut up!" Tris and Daja snapped together, turning away from the small amulet they were creating.

Tris looked down at her chest, putting her hand over the small bulge that barely showed through the collar of her dress. It marked, if only for her, the two necklaces that she wore, linking her to Trisana Chandler. One was the credential from Winding Circle. She had been planning to leave that at home, to complete her identity change, but Niko and Lark had talked her out of it.

"Just in case," Lark had said.

In case of what? In case I want to tell everyone that I'm accredited by Winding Circle as a weather-mage? In case I want them all to know who I am so they can treat me differently- envy and fear me?
Tags: fandom: will of the empress, ship: original character, special: 30 day meme

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