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Day Twenty-Three: Five Women Daniel Jackson Didn't Date (But Should Have) by jedibuttercup (PG)

Day 23 - A pairing where one character is paired in multiple ships.

Fandom Category: Stargate SG1
Pairing: Sha're/Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter/Daniel Jackson, Janet Fraiser/Daniel Jackson, Sarah Gardner/Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal Doran/Daniel Jackson
Fic Title: Five Women Daniel Jackson Didn't Date (But Should Have)
Author: jedibuttercup
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG, canonical character deaths
Genre: Five things, angst
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Daniel is one of a few characters that I really multi-ship. Out of all the pairings listed above, only Sam/Daniel is a big no-no for me. But Daniel had chemistry (and sometimes something more) with all these women, and jedibuttercup transcribed that perfectly in this fic. Also, you do need tissues for part 1 and 3, really.

Mods, can I have tags for Sha're/Daniel Jackson and Sarah Gardner/Daniel Jackson, please?? ;)
Tags: fandom: stargate sg1, ship: janet fraiser/daniel jackson, ship: samantha carter/daniel jackson, ship: sarah gardner/daniel jackson, ship: sha're/daniel jackson, ship: vala mal doran/daniel jackson, special: 30 day meme

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