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Day 18: Swan Song by Horky (Teen)

Fandom Category: Final Fantasy VII/Advent Children
Pairing: Tifa Lockhart/Cloud Strife, Aerith Gainsborough/Zack Fair
Fic Title: Swan Song
Author: Horky
Rating/Warning(s): Teen. Angst, major character death.
Genre: AU. Romance/Tragedy.
WIP?: No. Completed MC.

Why This Must Be Read: Imagine a world very similar to Final Fantasy VII, except bloodlines were muddled up a generation ago, and Tifa Lockhart is born with the ability to see how the people around her will die. Life goes about as well as you can imagine, with her preknowledge hanging over her head, until a whirlwind of strangers make her care about them and try even harder to change destiny.

I love the world-building and the doomed, haunted feel of the story -- just perfect for this plot. The romance is slow and believable, and Tifa and her three supporting characters are treated with such great respect. It is a treat to spot the differences and the similarities.

I have always had visions, for as long as I can remember. I think I was born with them, and I have no idea how or why. I also have no idea why they are predominantly a person's death. That is just what they have been, and what they will always be I think.

My mother died when I was seven; I had seen her death many times in my mind, but never spoke of it. After she died, though, I couldn't stay silent for a while. I scared some of the townspeople with my visions.

My mother, though, knew as well as I did the fate that awaited her. However, despite the fact that death had been before my mother for over two years, when she passed, my father suffered greatly. His only one condolence of my mother's death was that she did not live to see the beginning of the war with Wutai. You see, my mother was part Wutain, and once the war started, so did long buried prejudices, foolish ones at that.

The war started when I was nine. I am now twenty, and the war shows no signs of stopping.

When I turned sixteen, the boys went to war, and I was sent to Midgar. Soldiers passed through our towns frequently, and with them brought the vision of the destruction of my tiny home. I saw flames engulf my village, and I saw my father die amongst them.

Such a vision could not be hidden, and so instead of warning the mayor (he had never felt comfortable around me anyways) my father shipped me off to Midgar to save me. I tried to convince him to come with me, but he refused. He said my visions had always been true, and that he could not deny fate.

I believe my father had wanted to die for a very, very long time. I refuse to be like that. I refuse to want to die.

It is a blessing, though, that I never encountered someone from Midgar that would've given me visions that hinted of the future and city that awaited me while I was still in my home town.

My father surely would've never sent me, and would've kept me on the rock of Mt. Nibel, to die in the flames with him.

Tags: fandom: final fantasy vii, ship: aerith gainsborough/zack fair, ship: tifa lockhart/cloud strife, special: 30 day meme

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