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Day 15: The Planets by Quagga (Teen)

Day 15 - A fic that convinced you of a pairing you previously hated.

Fandom Category: Fullmetal Alchemist (anime)
Pairing: Winry Rockbell/Roy Mustang
Fic Title: The Planets
Author: Quagga
Link: The Planets
Rating/Warning(s): Teen. Violence. Mentioned character death. AU (doesn't consider the movie).
Genre: Angst/Romance/Futurefic
WIP?: No. Completed MC.

Why This Must Be Read: During a time of war, Winry gets a strange, desperate visitor in the night.

Ok, so before I read this story, the idea of Roy being paired with anyone but Riza was something I did not want and blocked out of my mind, and I'm a multishipper by nature too. But this story. There's so much intensity, character exploration, and even a strong plot, for all that it's primarily a drama. This story peels back everything you assume about Roy and Winry and it is both painful and astonishing.

"Of course I'll help you. You think I'd turn you away, after you came all the way here?"

And from hell, no doubt.

She spoke as she stepped towards him, and in the dim porch light, the pieces came together abruptly. Suddenly nauseous, Winry Rockbell stared at the man. Now she knew why he was hesitating.

He'd hesitated on Gracia Hughes doorstep, too, what seemed like a very long time ago, when they both played different people. Winry was a grieving, distressed seventeen-year-old girl eternally caught in a waiting game, and he had been a tense, determined soldier with a flat expression, a thin, unsmiling line for a mouth, and terribly burning dark eyes. Now Winry was twenty-one and had given up waiting, and he was pale and disconsolate, standing and staring at the ground unseeingly. The war had latched onto him like a parasite and sucked him dry – he was no longer handsome, but instead, almost ghastly in the dark of the night. All the life and vigor seemed to have gone out of him, leaving a shell in its place.

But that was not really on Winry's mind, or among her concerns. Instead she only looked at him, appalled, unable to believe that the man who had committed such a grievous sin against this household now stood on her porch, pleading by appearance – if not by words – for help that Winry did not know if she was willing or able to give.

Finally, though, it was the thought of Ed and Al that motivated her to move. She thought of events so long ago, of Al arriving with a bloodied, shivering Ed in his arms, pleading for his brother's life even though his own body was a hulking suit of metal instead of a little boy with a body of flesh and blood. Winry stepped forth, coming out onto the porch, and reached towards him.

"You're going to get sick standing out in the rain like that."

Tags: fandom: fullmetal alchemist, ship: winry rockbell/roy mustang, special: 30 day meme

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