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Days 11 & 12: Multiple fandom/pairing, 6 recs

Day 11 - A fic for your favorite Book pairing.

Fandom Category: The Infernal Devices
Pairing: Tessa Gray/Jem Carstairs
Fic Title: Secondary Liberties
Author: angel_gidget
Rating/Warning(s): R. Warnings for sensuality
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: This is a gorgeous one-shot, beautifully written, brimming with sweet yearning and breathless sensuality. Reading this always reduces me into a puddle of shipper-goo. I have no doubt Cassandra Clare will put us in agony in the next book, so I'm desperately trying to savor all of Tessa and Jem's happiness before canon destroys my soul.

Fandom Category: Venetia
Pairing: Venetia Lanyon/Jasper Damerel
Fic Title: At Home With Lady Damerel
Author: brutti_ma_buoni
Rating/Warning(s): T/PG-13
Genre: Post-canon, Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Until now, Venetia and her husband have been enjoying their unconventional happiness. Then she unexpectedly becomes a favorite with the ton (who had previously shunned her) and eventually a mother and suddenly, their happy marriage has gone curiously awry. Not to worry, things resolve happily, with the irreverence and witty banter that Venetia and Damerel are so known for.

Fandom Category: Frederica
Pairing: Frederica Merriville/Vernon Dauntry, the Marquis of Alverstoke
Fic Title: Late Summer Morning
Author: ljs
Rating/Warning(s): T/PG-13
Genre: Romance, schmoop, post-canon
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: A lovely little slice-of-life vignette set a few weeks after Frederica and Alverstoke's wedding. There's fun cameos from Felix, Jessamy, and Lufra, the Baluchistan hound, but the flirty (and entirely-in-character) interaction between Frederica and Alverstoke reminds me exactly why they are my favorite Heyer couple

Fandom Category: Cotillion
Pairing: Kitty Charing/Freddy Standen
Fic Title: A Gentleman of Taste
Author: athousandwinds
Rating/Warning(s): G
Genre: Post-canon
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Five moments from the end of the book to Kitty and Freddy's wedding. Nearly all of the characters in the novel make an appearance, and Kitty and Freddy are so in-character and so delightfully written, it's almost as if Georgette Heyer herself had written this. Loved, loved, loved this and the last line made me shriek in laughter, it was so appropriate.

Fandom Category: The Grand Sophy
Pairing: Sophy Stanton-Lucy/Charles Rivenhall
Fic Title: A Marriage of Inconvenience
Author: sexybee
Rating/Warning(s): G
Genre: Post-canon, fluff
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Another enjoyable Heyer offering. Sophy is, as always, irrepressible and outrageous, only this time, her antics have gotten her into the most unbearable situation yet--the Grand Sophy, of all the indignities, has a cold. Charles is in fine form, with his gruff affection and ability to keep up with Sophy, and their bickering is as enjoyable as always.

Day 12 - A fic for your favorite Animated pairing.

Fandom Category: Bleach
Pairing: Rukia Kuchiki/Renji Abarai
Fic Title: Heat Wave
Author: afrai
Rating/Warning(s): E/NC-17. Warnings for language and sexy times
Genre: PWP
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: afrai is one of my favorite authors and the way she writes Rukia and Renji is fantastic. Not only is the sex hot, but I love the way she writes their slightly fractious dynamic, the way they push and pull at each other, refusing to surrender and admit defeat. I also like that, at the end, you can't quite tell whether the whole encounter is real or not. Although I like to think it did happen, incorrigible shipper that I am.
Tags: fandom: bleach, fandom: cotillion, fandom: frederica, fandom: infernal devices, fandom: the grand sophy, fandom: venetia, ship: frederica merriville/vernon dauntr, ship: kitty charing/freddy standen, ship: kuchiki rukia/abarai renji, ship: sophy stanton-lucy/charles rivenha, ship: tessa gray/jem carstairs, ship: venetia lanyon/jasper damerel, special: 30 day meme

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