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Day 13: These Crackpots and These Women by voodoochild (Teen)

Day 13: Your favourite real life pairing.

Fandom Category: Political RPF
Pairing: Michelle Obama/Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton/Bill Clinton, Jill Biden/Joe Biden, Amy Rule/Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi/Paul Pelosi
Fic Title: These Crackpots and These Women (Or, Five Things That May or May Not Have Happened This Inauguration Day)
Author: voodoochild
Rating/Warning(s): Teen.
Genre: Drama, character study
WIP?: No.

Why This Must Be Read: Five men and women at the front lines of the Obama administration.

Uh, because I don't even live in the US but the cuteness of Michelle and Barak Obama are second to none? (Statistical proof that is in no way statistical). I never read RPF or ship in RL, but I love this story all the same. Aside from the cuteness, this story features five female voices that are so strong and distinct, like they are in real life, and I can't love it enough for that.

God, she wishes she could enjoy this - it's a good time, her and Barack, Joe and Jill, Nancy and Rahm, Axelrod and Valerie, Hoyer and Clyburn and the other House brass. Jill is telling a hysterical story about one of her students and Joe is charming Mona Sutphen and Rahm is pestering Axe and Valerie is poking fun at Hoyer's tie and Barack is all over the place, smiling and laughing and happy.

But she's back in the limo, then in the Lincoln, zipping up the white dress for the balls. Telling the girls to behave for the Secret Service and refusing to allow them any more people at the first official White House sleepover. Back in the goddamned limo again, dinner at the first ball, and then, it's time for the first dance.

This is insane - she feels like she hasn't caught a breath since she awoke this morning, and she's almost ready to tell Barack "ten balls? Are you out of your mind?", but the opening chords to the song he'd picked and wouldn't tell her about echo, and Beyonce takes the stage. Michelle steps into her husband's arms, and oh.

At last, my love has come along . . .

Barack is looking at her the way he always does - the way he looked at her at the altar in Chicago Baptist the day of their wedding, the way he smiled down at her the day each of their girls were born - and his fingers squeeze hers tightly. Pinching. Her eyes widen, and she smiles - this is happening. This is really, after two years of campaigning and wishing and hoping, happening to them.

She can breathe again. She's finally woken up.

Tags: fandom: rpf, ship: amy rule/rahm emanuel, ship: hillary clinton/bill clinton, ship: jill biden/joe biden, ship: michelle obama/barak obama, ship: nancy pelosi/paul pelosi, special: 30 day meme

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