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Day 12: Kim Possible, Avatar: the Last Airbender, 1 rec each

This day was included so the admin could post a pile of YJ stuff, wasn't it?

I'm going assume you mean "cartoons" here and recc accordingly.

Fandom Category: Kim Possible
Pairing: Kim Possible/Ron Stoppable
Fic Title: High School Evil
Author: MatthewC
Rating/Warning(s): Teen. Assault, bullying that may be triggering.
Genre: Drama/Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: PostStD. Bonnie pulls a stunt so outrageous, it pushes Kim to cross a line she never thought she would. But what does crossing that line say about Kim?

Kim gets Bonnie back for every time Bonnie has undercut her by letting her dark side loose. The author writes this with great awareness for bullying dynamics, which is absolutely refreshing.

Ron was squatting on the floor, sobbing. His hands were clenched up and pushed up against his forehead. For an instant, he didn't seem to realize she was there, but then his head moved up and he saw her. The expression on his face was the saddest and most miserable that Kim had ever seen anyone carry.

"Kim…. It's a trick," said Ron. He stretched out his arms like he wanted to grab Kim by the legs, but couldn't bring himself to do so.

At that moment, Kim realized something. It was one of the most important thoughts she had ever had. For a long time to come, sometimes late at night, she would wonder if she didn't owe the thought to some higher power looking out for her, giving her a moment's grace when she needed it the most.

'Whatever I say next, Ron will remember it for the rest of his life. He'll never forget,' thought Kim. Kim Possible took that thought and with it, she shoved all the uncertainty and fear she was feeling away. This was too important.

"Ron, of course it's a trick. You don't even have to say. No big," said Kim. She knelt down by Ron, wrapped her arms around him, and gently pressed her lips against his.

Fandom Category: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Pairing: Mai/Zuko
Fic Title: The Reason You're Not Supposed to Walk on Tables
Author: Heligoland
Rating/Warning(s): Teen.
Genre: Humour
WIP?: No.

Why This Must Be Read: In which StillPrettyEvil!Zuko and Mai attend a peace summit as Fire Lord and Lady, where they are subjected to the tortures of frostbite and other people's cultures.

Because it's hilarious and the dialogue is witty and perfect, and please don't tell me that the idea of Zuko being forced to attend a peace summit and be diplomatic to people he loathes (making for great snark) doesn't appeal to you. Note: It was written around Season 2, so the canon beyond that doesn't apply.

"Maybe if they spent less than fourteen hours of their day meditating they'd actually have the time to install a stove in a few rooms," Mai said, half into a scarf. Zuko only slightly suspected that the scarf was concealing something sharper than her tongue. "God forbid a boiler."

She was folded against the plain wooden headboard, not shivering in a way that bothered him acutely.

"Then they'd have to import from the Fire Nation," Zuko really couldn't say he hated what that would mean for their economy. "And besides that, it would taint their ascetic lifestyle. As I understand it, they thrive on being as cold, hungry, and close to death as humanly possible," he grumbled, face buried in an awkwardly placed arm as he lay in an even more awkward position, simply because he was too annoyed with the universe to move from it.

"Maybe it's part of their meditation practices," Mai mused. "Eating raw roots encased in permafrost and sitting out in the freezing rain for twelve hours straight has to make it remarkably easy to pass out and have a vision."

Zuko smiled honestly for the first time that day, even if it was half into his arm.

They didn't hate the people of the Air Nation, nor their way of life. That much. Really.

This conversation was solely the best way to vent all the things they weren't allowed to say during a very long day of meeting and greeting. Sometimes one just needs a break from all that rampant... multiculturalism.

Tags: fandom: avatar: the last airbender, fandom: kim possible, ship: kim possible/ron stoppable, ship: mai/zuko, special: 30 day meme

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