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Days 11-20, multiple fandoms/parings, 10 recs

* Day 11 - A fic for your favorite Book pairing.

Fandom Category: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
Pairing: Arabella Strange/Jonathan Strange
Fic Title: every little thing she does is magic
Author: leiascully
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): Mature; no standard warnings apply; sexual content
Genre: smut
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: While I like book series like The Hunger Games, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is one of my favorite books released in the last decade because of how the book is formatted (like a book from the 1800s) and its well-plotted narrative. This fic captures the spirit and the writing of the book perfectly. Also, smut.

* Day 12 - A fic for your favorite Animated pairing.

Fandom Category: DCU Animated Universe/Batman: The Animated Series
Pairing: Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne
Fic Title: Damsel
Author: mithen
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): General Audiences
Genre: Action/Adventure
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Batman: The Animated Series is still one of my favorite cartoons. I can totally see the events of this fic (Batman catching Catwoman) happening in the cartoon canon if the cartoon was still on the air.

* Day 13 - A fic for your favorite Real Life Pairing.

Fandom Category: RPF/Gossip Girl RPF/CW RPF
Pairing: Leighton Meester/Ed Westwick
Fic Title: Silent Protest
Author: cynicalshadows
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13; language
Genre: Alternate Universe
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: I haven't had any real life ships since I used to dabble in Gossip Girl fandom. At one time, this was one of my RPF ships. Written around the time of the episode "Remains of the J," cynicalshadows imagines Ed and Leighton not agreeing with the script and figuring out a clever way to protest it. It's a drabble, but it's a charming and cute one.

ETA Nov. 8, 2017: I'm keeping this rec up for posterity, but I'm now disowning this rec because of the sexual assault charges against Westwick.

* Day 14 - A fic for an Old School Fandom from back in the day.

Fandom Category: Doctor Who
Pairing: Sarah Jane/Third Doctor
Fic Title: New Territory
Author: spydurwebb
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Genre: Action/Adventure, Fluff
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: This is one of the few Three/Sarah Jane fics out there. The Third Doctor is about to take Sarah Jane on another adventure, but first, they talk about their age differences and how the TARDIS takes the Doctor where he needs to go. (The latter is something I miss from the seventh series of Doctor Who, and fics like this, along with Three and Sarah Jane, hit the spot from me.)

* Day 15 - A fic that convinced you of a pairing you previously hated.

Fandom Category: Gossip Girl
Pairing: Vanessa Abrams/Chuck Bass
Fic Title: What's My Line
Author: diamondinsanity
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): Teen; sexual content
Genre: Alternate Universe, Angst, (PG-13-rated) Smut
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: I used to be a firm, diehard Chuck/Blair shipper in Gossip Girl fandom, but this AU showcases the UST that was in this pairing and makes it work. It won me over. Too bad the actual pairing only lasted the second season of Gossip Girl--they had so much potential to be compelling on-screen.

* Day 16 - An epic fic.

Fandom Category: Doctor Who
Pairing: Barbara Wright/Ian Chesterton
Fic Title: What's My Line
Author: paranoidangel
Link: AO3 or Dreamwidth
Rating/Warning(s): PG; fantasy violence
Genre: Alternate Universe, Action/Adventure
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: To this day, I am still sad that I didn't think of an AU where Ian and Barbara (the Doctor's first human companions) met up with Ace and the Doctor's seventh incarnation (when Ace and Seven were there during "Remembrance of the Daleks" looking for the Hand of Omega) and helped them fight the Daleks. A fun read for anyone who's a fan of Classic Who.

* Day 17 - A short fic.

Fandom Category: Burn Notice
Pairing: Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen
Fic Title: Blow Up
Author: evil_little_dog
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): K+
Genre: Action/Adventure, Fluff
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: You don't tell Fiona what to do. (This is still something Michael hasn't come to terms with even in season 6.) Michael learns this the hard way in this comment fic.

* Day 18 - An Alternate Universe fic.

Fandom Category: Doctor Who
Pairing: River Song/Eleventh Doctor
Fic Title: On Assignment and Your absence was felt in so many ways (all part of a series)
Author: dqbunny
Link: On Assignment; Your absence...
Rating/Warning(s): On Assignment is T and has violence and sexual content; Your M and has sexual content
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Smut
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: The Doctor and River are journalists in 1933, uncovering a Prohibition-related story. dqbunny incorporates this setting with the Series 6 Doctor/River/Amy/Rory storyline and does it well.

* Day 19 - An angsty fic.

Fandom Category: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: Molly Hooper/Greg Lestrade
Fic Title: Enough
Author: musamihi
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Angst
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Yes, it's another post-Reichenbach fic. Also, it's a fic centered around infidelity, but the infidelity is not what it seems. Reading "Enough" is tense and frustrating, but it's worth it.

* Day 20 - A fluffy fic.

Fandom Category: Doctor Who
Pairing: River Song/Eleventh Doctor
Fic Title: Grow Old With Me
Author: betawho
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: Fluff
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Flirty banter after "The Angels Take Manhattan" is the perfect antidote to the ending of that episode, and this fic delivers.

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Arabella Strange/Jonathan Strange
Leighton Meester/Ed Westwick
Vanessa Abrams/Chuck Bass
Barbara Wright/Ian Chesterton
Tags: fandom: batman, fandom: burn notice, fandom: doctor who, fandom: gossip girl, fandom: jonathan strange and mr. norrell, fandom: rpf, fandom: sherlock (bbc), ship: arabella strange/jonathan strange, ship: barbara wright/ian chesterton, ship: fiona glenanne/michael westen, ship: leighton meester/ed westwick, ship: molly hooper/greg lestrade, ship: river song/the doctor, ship: sarah jane smith/the doctor, ship: selina kyle/bruce wayne, ship: vanessa abrams/chuck bass

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