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The Sea is by Nature Treacherous by winterbones, T

Fandom Category: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Princess Aurora/Captain Hook
Fic Title: The Sea is by Nature Treacherous
Author: winterbones
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/530514
Rating/Warning(s): T
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: First off, you should read this quick before Hook shows up in canon and this becomes OOC. I admit, when I saw the pairing my immediate reaction was "no" but I couldn't be happier I gave it a try. The gang in fairy tale land is trying to get information out of Hook and he'll only talk to Aurora, who's still dealing with Philip's loss. Hook does his pirate best to intimidate and manipulate her and the interplay between them is fascinating to watch.


“I wasn’t sure [who you were], at first,” Hook admits, “but now I’m certain. That’s Queen Snow White, I’ve no doubt and I remember now, the tale—a lovely maiden under a deep spell, cradled in a tower of thorns and awaiting true love’s first kiss.” He rocks back, two chair legs lifting from the ground, bending just a little under his weight. “I gave it a thought, braving those thorns and those haunted woods.”

Another step, and Aurora can make out small nicks on his chin, hidden away under the dark scruff, and there’s an odd, white indentation just under his left eye. Tied behind his back, one of his hands is little more than a stump, cut off at his wrist—and there are stories about how that came about too. He may be a man who doesn’t care for fighting, but he’s no stranger to it. Violence has hardened his bones, she can see it from where they press up against his skin.

“Don’t look so surprised. A princess is quite a jewel for a pirate, but I’m not much for heroism and I figured some dashing prince had to already be racing off to your timely rescue. Turns out I was right.”

Tags: fandom: once upon a time, ship: princess aurora/captain hook

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