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Day 1: Back and Forth, by California Kat (M)

Fandom Category: True Blood
Pairing: Sookie/Eric
Fic Title: Back and Forth
Author: California Kat
Rating/Warning(s): Rated M for sex, violence, language and mature themes
Genre: Romance/drama
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Author's summary: When Sookie realizes that her feelings for both Bill and Eric might have been caused just by their blood, she takes drastic steps that will change her life―and the lives of Eric and Bill―forever.

The reason I loved this story so much was because Sookie finally recognized that if Eric's blood could affect her in such a drastic way than Bill's blood could have too, which on the show she never seems to come to realize at least not to the extent that it changes anything for her. With the help of Lafayette and Jesus, Sookie tries to figure out if it's their blood or real love she has with both Eric and/or Bill. The premise fulfills the need for a smarter Sookie and also a loving relationship between Eric & Sookie not tainted by manipulation.

There is also a sequel, Come Back to Me, but that's a WIP still.
Tags: fandom: true blood, ship: sookie stackhouse/eric northman, special: 30 day meme

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