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The Bourne Legacy, 7 Recs, Marta Shearing/Aaron Cross

Fandom Category: The Bourne Legacy
Pairing: Marta Shearing/Aaron Cross
Fandom #: 24
Special Recs: 81-87

Fic Title: Warriors
Author: bigboobedcanuck
Rating/Warning(s): Mature
Genre: Romance, First Time
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 81

Why This Must Be Read: Marta and Aaron have gotten lost for a while. The fic is a scrapbooks of scenes as they are surviving, living, and growing into who they are now. I like how the transition from feeling the attraction to acting on the attraction happens after a really normal, everyday type thing. Marta gets scared by a (BIG) spider and Aaron teases her about it before taking care of the thing. He grows a bit ashamed over teasing her, she acknowledges being silly and gives him a simple kiss...and the attraction boils over.

Fic Title: They'll Bring No Flowers
Author: retwin
Rating/Warning(s): K+/T
Genre: Drama
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 82

Why This Must Be Read: This story centers on the movie starting after Aaron saves Marta and goes to the end of the movie. It is a set of "behind-the-scenes"/"missing pieces" which bring the growth of romance to the forefront. I loved how Marta and Aaron had a reason for meeting, being together, and staying together, and I think the author does nicely by them with this. It now has a completed sequel, and the final story has been started.

Fic Title: Learning to Live
Author: angelskuuipo
Rating/Warning(s): T+
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 83

Why This Must Be Read: As an agent, Aaron has played many roles, but never himself. He's having to learn what he likes, what he wants. I like this little ficlet because the author makes a valid point to consider - Aaron has had sex while under various aliases, but never as Aaron Cross.

Fic Title: Savages
Author: Jack E. Peace
Rating/Warning(s): T+
Genre: Drama
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 84

Why This Must Be Read: In this one-shot, Aaron and Marta decide to deal with their enemies in a more direct fashion after more deaths occur. Staying lost is no longer an option while the bad guys kill at will. The story is told in two parts - past and present intermingled. Usually I dislike that, but it seemed to fit really well this time around. The two of them have become both harder and softer - to the outside world, they are hardened warriors with blood on their hands; to each other, they are everything.

Fic Title: Fixation
Author: Lover_Reason
Rating/Warning(s): Mature; Warning - discussion of rape/non-con; use of sex drug
Genre: AU
WIP?: Yes

Special Rec #: 85

Why This Must Be Read: This story has just gotten started, but it seems to be a promising new take on the story. It has a different starting point where Aaron's handlers realize he's got an interest in his doctor. They figure he just needs to get her out of his system. Things do not go as the handlers had planned.

Fic Title: Two Sides of One Coin
Author: tenacious_err
Rating/Warning(s): K+/T
Genre: Pre-ship
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 86

Why This Must Be Read: This is a one-shot exploring Marta's feeling about the changes she is going through after the movie. Aaron was changed due to science - hers is a slower process, but just as unrelenting.

Fic Title: Thirteen
Author: phrenitis
Rating/Warning(s): K+/T
Genre: Pre-ship
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 87

Why This Must Be Read: In the movie we learn Marta was Aaron's doctor for 13 visits over 4 years, and she never had a name for him - just the number 5. The author has written a quick overview of those thirteen visits. It gives us an insight into Aaron's growing awareness of Marta.
Tags: fandom: bourne series, ship: marta shearing/aaron cross, special reccer: caitriona_3

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