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the guilty ones by grim grace (T)

Fandom Category: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Caroline Forbes/Klaus Mikaelson
Fic Title: the guilty ones
Author: grim grace
Rating/Warning(s): T / none
Genre: Romance, Alternate Universe
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: This story takes away the one major roadblock that has kept Caroline from giving Klaus a chance on the show. He's Klaus. The Original, the Hybrid, the villain. But here, this author has taken all that baggage away and Caroline falls for Klaus without knowing he's in fact Klaus. This is one of those stories that will hook you in, and I highly recommend it.

But this sort of tranquil confusion can only last so long, especially where she's concerned, and it isn't long after the fourth week is finished that they have their first fight.

And it's not really a surprise that they're fighting about her.

It starts off subtle. They're both sitting in her living room, working on her math homework when he gets distracted by some of the photo's she's got framed on the mantle. He stands, and moves from the couch to the block about the fireplace, getting a better look. It's a photo from some date with Matt—they're standing side by side, smiling brightly at whoever is taking the photo (Caroline recalls that it could have been Elena, at that point). She's smiling brightly, but it's a smile that doesn't make it to her eyes. It had been an evening that probably followed a fight with her mother, or something.

But Nick notices. He can already tell those sorts of things about her mannerisms. She's amazed that he isn't a psych major, the way he can always manage to peer right into her soul.

So, completely casually, he frowns at the picture.

"Do you do that with me?" he asks suddenly.

Caroline, who had, until that point, been busily trying to sort out the Pythagorean Theorem in combination with the rules of Trigonometry, frowns. "What?"

Nick points at the frozen Caroline in the picture. "Fake being happy." He points out. He even lifts a finger to point at the false smile on her miniature features.

Caroline swallows and suddenly feels uncomfortable. She doesn't—really, not with him. He's probably the only person in her life that she hasn't felt the need to pretend around—but she doesn't really know how to respond. This is heading into territory that usually leads to her opening up about herself, and in her entire past, she's never been able to do that gracefully. She's always just stumbled through it, and endured the results.

So her response is a feeble, "no," that doesn't quite satisfy the curiosity within him.

"Are you lying?"

And, well, that just makes her mad. She's already on the defensive, and now he's calling her a liar. And she's never been a liar—maybe when necessity dictates it, but never voluntarily. She hates lying, and she doesn't lie.

So she puffs out her chest, affronted and scoffs. "Excuse me?" she demands.

Nick doesn't back down, like she'd expected him to. Instead, he shrugs. In all things, he's always been confident, and it appears that that also applies to him when he's in 'confrontation mode'. In fact, the stupid smirk is still ghosted on his face. It's odd how he can look so serious, and yet retain the charm that she loves to see.

But now is so not the time to be thinking about that.

Because she's pissed, damnit.

"Tell me that you don't fake being happy around me." He says.

For a minute, Caroline doesn't know what to say. She knows that when it comes to him talking to her that way, she shouldn't take it. He shouldn't be telling her to do anything. Surely, it's not the words themselves. It's the way he says them. The words that are coming out of his mouth are so passionate and full of meaning that she's sort of left breathless.

Still, she's a stubborn young lady.

"You don't get to tell me what to do." She says quickly. She pushes herself from her seated position (they had been studying side by side on the sofa) and onto her feet.

He looks sort of lost at that, as though that is a huge shock to him. Then he shakes his head slightly, as if reminding himself that he can't be surprised by that. Caroline frowns slightly, but then he's firing back at her and the thought leaves her head.

"I can't ask you to be real with me?" he echoes, standing as well. He's taller than her now—she's taken her shoes off to be more comfortable—so she has to look up to him. Still, she doesn't back down, squaring her shoulders and watching him strongly.

"I'm telling you that you can't tell me what to do." She says again, because she really doesn't want to get into the real reason she's so pissed.

Looks like he's not going to let her avoid it though.

He calls her on it.

"You're avoiding something, and I don't want it to be me." He says it so sincerely that she almost melts for a minute. Then she's reminded that he's asking her to open up to him—more than she already has—and since she's decided that opening up is what's ruined her other relationships, she holds her ground.

"That's not up to you."

He watches her closely for a second, staying silent. He's got that angry silence thing down pat.

So she rolls her eyes. (It has a good effect, though. He recoils as though she's just hit him. He looks so hurt, for just a second that Caroline feels terrible. And, naturally, that makes her angry).

They yell for almost half an hour. Bringing up everything that he possible can, he still can't make her open up about who she really is. He wants to know and he's persistent and then she's screaming at him—full on screaming.

"What do you want from me?"

She's confused about how this has escalated so fast, but now they're standing, with only the coffee table in between them, and all she wants to do is yell (and maybe slam him down on the couch and mount him but that one she's going to keep to herself).

"I want to know the real you!"

His words are yelled as aggressively as hers have been but they terrify her. She stomps her foot on the ground and it makes him smirk. Something snaps.

Fine. If he wants to know her, he can fucking know her.

She speeds over to him, vampiric speed full in force, and pushes him into the mantle. Her hands are clenched in his shirt again (it's another grey one, but it's got a different neckline). He stares into her eyes—looking not nearly shocked enough—as her eyes flash for a minute. She wants to know who she is, doesn't he?

Still, she's been thinking about kissing him ever since she realised that British guys are really hot when they get mad. And he's a hot British guy who's really quite mad, and it's all a bit intense.

So she kisses him furiously again, the same way she did in the club. It's a bit more aggressive (they have been screaming at each other for the last half hour) but he seems to have bounced back extremely quickly for someone who's making out with a monster.

Then he scares the crap out of her and pushes back. She finds her back pressed against the wall now—the opposite one to the mantle that she'd pressed him against—and there's a crack in the plaster where her back has hit. "I'll fix that," he murmurs, before furiously kissing her back.

Holy fuck, he's a vampire too.
Tags: fandom: vampire diaries, ship: caroline forbes/klaus mikealson

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