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Harry Potter, 3 Recs, 2 Pairings: Ginny/Harry & OFC/Remus

Fandom Category: Harry Potter
Pairing: 2 Pairings - Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter & OFC/Remus Lupin
Fandom #: 12
Special Recs: 48-50

Pairing: Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter
Fic Title: Dumbledore's Army
Author: Bobmin356
Rating/Warning(s): M/R - warning! abusive!Durselys and manipulative!Dumbledore (mostly)
Genre: Adventure, Angst
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 48

Why This Must Be Read: After the dramatic and tragic events of Harry's fifth year, his trust in the system is at an all time low. With some insight from a new friend, he realizes he has to change the way he's been handling things. He also moves Dumbledore to his "not-to-be-trusted" list. This year, the DA gets ready for war. This was the first fic that really explored some of the same thoughts tumbling in my head over the less-than-stellar work being done by the adults at Hogwarts. Why was everything being done by a kid? Definitely worth your time.

Pairing: Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter
Fic Title: Harry Potter and the Dimensional Trunk
Author: Ophiuchus
Rating/Warning(s): K+/T
Genre: Adventure
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 49

Why This Must Be Read: I enjoyed this story for its length, and its overall plot line. It does tend to spill into a super!Harry type story, but it is a fun read for all that. A very interesting take on the end of the war.

Pairing: Orig Female Character/Remus Lupin
Fic Title: Living With Danger
Author: Anne (whydoyouneedtoknow)
Rating/Warning(s): K+/T
Genre: Drama, Humor
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 50

Why This Must Be Read: An epic (over 200,000 words) first story of an epic series. The series is still being worked on regularly. It is so well done and well-liked that some authors have written AU's (with permission). Six months after Voldemort's first defeat, Remus Lupin meets someone he never expected, and it changes things...A LOT! This first story takes you from the meeting to Harry's first ride on the Hogwart's Express. Come see Harry grow up with a loving, frolic, trouble and danger abound.
Tags: fandom: harry potter, ship: ginny weasley/harry potter, ship: original character, special reccer: caitriona_3

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