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gossip girl - dan x blair: 21 recommendations

this here is my first amalgamated fic masterlist of dan/blair fics that i thought were well worth reading. these are magical special and well deserving the read. under the cut!

1. if ever your world comes crashing down {m, scenes of a sexual nature, complete} 
authorshtiglitz; link at LJ
summarychuck gives her the world, dan gives her his heart.
  • this fic is full of one liners that make you reconsider life tbh. i'm just kidding, but this is so so so worth a read that you should drop everything right now and read it. it's written in this really different way and the twist just makes you want to rip out your heart and stomp on it. i recommend this so much i'm going back to reread this right now.
2. but how long will you stay with me baby? {m, scenes of a sexual nature, complete}

author: portions_forfox; link at LJ
summary: isn't it enough just to find someone who's nice to you?

  • really, this story embodies what i feel makes a true dair fic in that blair is exactly as mean as she should be. this fic maps out the constellations of their relationship through serena and chuck with grace. also, there is a little fun times~ thrown in for good measure.

3. a thousand luscious splinters {m, scenes of a sexual nature, complete}
authorcashewdani; link at LJ
summary:  she tries to remind herself that he’s just Dan Humphrey, her best friend’s ex-boyfriend from Brooklyn for God’s sake, and that she needs to stop being so spastic.
  • in the same way that blair makes the same goddamn mistakes every single time, this fic looks at the way in which she looks at bad relationships with anxiety, lust and guilt. this one does have chuck and bad!blair!choices, but it's a good look at her messed up mind.

4. kiss me hard before you go {pg13+, scenes of a (very) mild sexual nature, complete }
author: margottenenbaum; link at LJ
summary:  blair is happy. she doesn't know what to do with that.
  • i really think the summary explains the fic but it's a post-s5 finale fic that looks at 'what could've been' and does a better job than let's be serious, the gg writers. it's written from blair's p.o.v. it's something to read when you're having gg-premiere feelings about the demise of your favourite ship. it's fluffy but oh so very good.

5. exit strategy {r, scenes of a sexual nature, complete}
author: stain of my love at girljustdied; link at LJ
summary:  kisses that don't mean anything don't count.
  • this fic was written for a smut battle and it lives up to it's name. it's snarky, blair's voice written from dan's perspective is spot on. it deals with the aftermath of inside, by anonymous and the banter has so many literary references it feels real. it sparkles in places and you should read it.

6. i'll write the pages you rip out or ten things dan hates about blair
 {r, scenes of a sexual nature, 
authorstain of my love at girljustdied; link at LJ
summary:  written for the prompt: "i hate the way you talk to me. and the way you cut your hair [....] from ten things i hate about you."
  • i should start by saying that i love this movie and the fact that this fic is based on this movie and so much more makes me love it indefinitely more. there is a lot of really great dialogue and it's a little cheesy in some places, it's actually very sweet and the ending kills me every time.

7. hypothetically speaking {pg, future!fic, complete}
authorjacobella41; link at LJ
summary: written for the prompt: "humperdorf babies are cuter. the girls are vipers and the boys stammer. i'm lying. i have never pictured their babies...ok...maybe one girl. who will be as demanding as her mother, while Humphrey, attempts to keep her unspoiled (she secretly likes going to coney island and slumming it with her pops, they don't tell blair. she's worried about the germs there."
  • totally fluffy, au fic about what dan and blair's life would be like in the future with children of their own. the author captures this really fine, realistic quality in their relationship and goes with it. it's beautiful and sad at the same time (mainly because it can never ever be. ughh.)

8. can't find the words to write this song {pg13+, part one of four, complete }
author: shtiglitz ; link at LJ
summarywaldorf what do you want, it's 4am over here. purely s5 speculation.
  • again, something to read if blair/chuck on gg is getting you down. this is a humorous and thoroughly enjoyable purview into dan's mind and his love affair with blair. dan has a thing with a girl called ashley who is actually so likeable but anyway, you root for him and blair. it keeps you around with it's honesty and angst.

9. and some vicious whispering voice kept saying you have no choice {pg, blair centric, complete }
author: superkappa; link at LJ
summary: in the end she doesn't choose either of them.
  • this is terribly angsty and is an introspective fic at blair's life choices. it's really slow and patient and in the end, blair comes to understand some things about herself. i won't ruin it for you, but read it because it is so, so, so lovely.

10. i'm not calling you a liar {pg 13+, blair/chuck to some extent, complete}
author: lila82 ; link at LJ
summary: blair can't live her dream when she's chasing someone elses.
  • looks at what might happen in season 5 and the aftermath of the destruction of dan and blair's friendship. it starts with a run in milan and is all about blair figuring out that what she needs is her own path - one that doesn't include following chuck's dreams.

11. my love is yours (it's your that i hold onto) {blair/chuck to begin, complete}
author: shtiglitz ; link at LJ
summary: n/a
  • this fic brought me to tears. i felt like the author really captured the way blair and dan's relationship is going to be so poisonous next season. blair is still so entitled in this fic and you simultaneously hate her and love her for it. dan is just really sad here and you feel for him the way you feel for the demise of a show that could have been.

12. waltz no.2 {r, scenes of a sexual nature, complete }
authormargottenenbaum ; link at LJ
summary: i'm never going to know, you know. but i'm going to love you anyhow. blair doesn't know how she turns all her relationships into this. brittle and violent.
  • again, s5 reaction fic. it also looks at the aftermath of them and tries to piece together the bits and pieces to try and form something. it's terribly angsty and you really just want blair to fix herself and get back together with dan. however, she's stuck with a boy that can't stop loving her no matter how much she hurts him.

13. all these riddles that you burn {pg13+. complete }
author: tattooedsiren ; link at LJ
summary: dedicated to the one person will never read this book and who will never know how much they inspire me, and how much i miss them.
  • this is a story, written pre s5 about how blair finds a book in a store dedicated to her from a boy that used to love her once. it's beautiful and the author has a wonderful blair voice. there is a good surprise at the end. 

14. a glimpse of normality {serena voice, au from 4x19, complete }
author: psyraven; link at FF
summary: it's the summer of 2011 and the ues is still recovering from one of its biggest ever shocks. what could have happened at the society wedding of the year? and what happens now that the dust has settled.
  • this is actually the fic that reignited my love for serena. while that love hasn't necessarily translated into her getting any decent storylines on the show, this fic shows a side of serena that's been missing for like ever on the show which is shame. it's quite funny and has it's moments. (in 3 chapters)

15. dirty pretty things {chuck/blair, trigger warning, m, au from yale, long one-shot, complete}
author: fallaway; link at FF, LJ
summary: need is not love and regret is the watchword after all.
  • this was the first ever gossip girl fanfiction i read that i felt was worth saving. chuck in this story is so perfectly characterised. his relationship with blair is still more credible in this fic than on the show. dan and blair actually GO to yale here and i love that so much that it perfects this fic.

16. snapshots {one sentence per theme, PG, complete)
authortattooedsiren; link at LJ
summary: up to series 2, mentions of s3. fifty random moments that make a beautiful life together.
  • this was a very early fic i read which i fell in love with even though i didn't ship dan with blair at the time. it's written in a very different way but the writer is so good at capturing the essence of dan/blair in just one line. a must read.

17. read between the lines {r, scenes of a sexual nature, post s4 au, complete}
author: strangerthan28; link at LJ
summary: n/a
  • this fic goes through all the paradigms of a good dair fic. blair is slowly uncovering her feelings and it's all done through the skillful use of allusion. parfait.

18. the mean reds {pg 13, in four parts), complete}
summary: tragedy works for her 
  • it starts with a quote from breakfast at tiffany's - so really could it go wrong?  blair two times with chuck and dan and they all try to figure out what this new messy arrangement is all about. quite angsty. (takes off somewhere in s3, vaguely .)

19. gone like her smile {pg 13+, future!fic, complete}
authormargottenenbaums; link at LJ
summary: so this is them, however many years later.
  • somewhere in the future where dan and blair are getting divorced. i am a stickler for well-written wreckage and this is perfect. they have two daughters that are really lovely and it takes a look at the all the misconceptions of their relationship.

20. let the right one in {pg, complete}
author: holycitygirl; link at LJ
summary: the longer she stays away, the more fond his tone becomes. she doesn't like it at all.
  • written after s3 sometime, and it's just a fluffier look at the book (it seems like that was when everyone started shipping them like whoah). also, they have a movie!watching sleepover here so kudos to this writer.

21. her hair spread out in fiery points {pg, complete}
author: corleones ; link at LJ
summary: caught between two opposites and her heart thumps in response. she fears she'll never be ready.
  • ugh ugh ugh. the summary for a start is enough for you to read this. this is written somewhere in s1 before all the drama that was inflicted on our poor characters and blair is dealing with chuck's badassery and her mother's disappointment and dan tries picking up the pieces of her life.

Tags: fandom: gossip girl, ship: blair waldorf/dan humphrey

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