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Glee, 11 Recs, Rachel Berry/Noah "Puck" Puckerman

Fandom Category: Glee
Pairing: Rachel Berry/Noah "Puck" Puckerman
Fandom #: 10
Special Recs: 35-45

I recommend all of these, but if you can only read a couple/few, I've noted the ones I like absolutely BEST of all.

Fic Title: Out of the Blue
Author: Sapphire
Rating/Warning(s): PG13
Genre: Romance, AU
WIP?: Yes - updated as recently as July 2012

Special Rec #: 35

Why This Must Be Read: Puck admits something to Rachel 'out of the blue' and things evolve from there. This takes Glee in an AU direction as of "Mash Up" in season one. It is a fantastic story. It is a complex story, and I love the turns the author takes Puckleberry on. It goes from angst to sweet; fights to family; it is a really good story. Very enjoyable!

Fic Title: World Famous Sugar Cookies
Author: Cassprincess
Rating/Warning(s): K+/T
Genre: Humor, Romance
WIP?: No - but it does end on a cliffhanger. (Cliffhanger last updated in Jan. 2012)

Special Rec #: 36

Why This Must Be Read: This one is seriously funny. It flips back and forth between now (Rachel & Puck) and then (Noah & Berry-pants). Despite the cliff-hanger ending, this story is worth the read just for the laughs. It can get confusing with the back-and-forth switches in time, but if you get the hang of those, it gets very funny.

Fic Title: The World They Made
Author: SariLane
Rating/Warning(s): FR21/R
Genre: Zombies, Crossover
WIP?: Yes - updated Aug. 2012

Special Rec #: 37

Why This Must Be Read: While this is a Buffy crossover, one of the strongest pairings is Rachel/Puck, so I decided to put it under Glee. The government meddles with things it doesn't understand and unleashes a serious problem. Now 'it's the end of the world as they know it' - $#!+ just got real. This story has got humor, drama, romance, horror...pretty much a little of everything. It is definitely worth the read. Fair warning, it is crossover heavy - you'll end up seeing a LOT of people. One of my faves - I look forward to every update!

Fic Title: My Porcelain Romance
Author: Isabel5
Rating/Warning(s): M
Genre: Humor, Romance
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 38

Why This Must Be Read: For the fun and laughter and romance! Also for the Puckleberry ship and the Pezberry friendship. To put it directly, the best parts of their lives have been spent in bathrooms...Santana can't wait to tell the kids!

Fic Title: Misfit Toy Hero Squad
Author: Cassprincess
Rating/Warning(s): PG13/R
Genre: Supernatural, Humor
WIP?: Yes - updated as of Feb. 2012 - personally I think it should have ended at chapter 51 or 52 and then have a sequel, but that's a personal opinion.

Special Rec #: 39

Why This Must Be Read: I thought this was a neat idea, and I haven't really seen it done as well. The Gleeks witness a supernatural event, and suddenly they've gained all kinds of powers. As always, they are thrown into situations long before they are really ready, and have to fly by the seat of their pants. It is a FUN trip along the way!!

Fic Title: Their Number One Fan
Author: bellakitse
Rating/Warning(s): K+/T
Genre: Friendship, Romance
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 40

Why This Must Be Read: This one shot is pretty funny. Santana decides to make Puckleberry happen...and she will be highly pissed with anyone who interferes.

Fic Title: Just Like Last Tuesday, Except with Zombies
Author: angel-dawes
Rating/Warning(s): K+/T - Multiple character deaths!!!
Genre: Horror, Romance
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 41

Why This Must Be Read: Yep, zombies again. This ones all Glee though, and it is a bit stronger on the horror part. It is a lot more like the traditional zombie storyline. I enjoyed the author's take on it - who she picked to be capable, who was not. She tried to be fairly realistic I think...trying to take the concept seriously and put it into Glee. Definitely worth the read.

Fic Title: Naming Rights
Author: TheMastress
Rating/Warning(s): K+/T
Genre: Romance, Humor
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 42

Why This Must Be Read: A highly amusing read! I don't want to spoil it for you, so I'm just going to say - go read it! To give you a hint, here is the author's summary: "I'm not an idiot, Noah. I know what you're trying to do. And no...we are not naming our son after one of the Cleveland Indians."

Fic Title: Make Way for Ducklings
Author: TheMastress
Rating/Warning(s): K+/T
Genre: Humor, Romance
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 43

Why This Must Be Read: Cute! You have to read for the cuteness! It is not cotton-candy fluff, but it is sweet. Rachel and Puck are established in this story, and they are expecting a baby. One of the first gifts Rachel gets at her baby shower is a rubber duck with a Mohawk.

Fic Title: Don't You Desert Me Now
Author: smc-27
Rating/Warning(s): K+/T
Genre: Romance, Friendship
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 44

Why This Must Be Read: I like this one because it shows Rachel taking a stand and sticking to it. I like fics where Rachel has a backbone and USES it. Puck joins her team.

Fic Title: Perfect Note
Author: faithburke
Rating/Warning(s): K+/T
Genre: Crossover
WIP?: No

Special Rec #: 45

Why This Must Be Read: This is a crossover with X-Men - not that they actually show up, but Rachel is a mutant. She's 'in the closet' so to speak, and a bit lonely. I like this story because it deals with Rachel dealing with a more difficult situation. It is part romance, part introspection. Imagine Rachel dealing with all of the difficulties of being the least popular girl in school, now add the fear of someone finding out about her mutant ability. Definitely good!
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