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"Solecism" by Marguerite and Ryo Sen

West Wing rec for this election season!

Fandom Category: The West Wing
Pairing: Donna Moss/Josh Lyman
Fic Title: Solecism
Author: Marguerite and Ryo Sen
Link: http://national-library.net/viewstory.php?storyid=6348
Rating/Warning(s): PG, none
Genre: Missing scene, humor, light fluff
WIP?: No.

Why This Must Be Read: Will Bailey watches in awe as he ends up in an overcrowded cab with Josh, Danny, Toby, and Charlie to go fetch Donna during "Inauguration" when she's taken the fall for Jack Reese's comment. And it's delightful and delicious and a little ridiculous: full of banter, some CJ/Danny bits (always my favorite), and some incredibly loopy White House staffers. Plus, since it's from Will's perspective, you get a real sense of how difficult it would be to keep up with these people.

Will slowly shook his head. "Are you aware that the whole lot of you talk very strangely?"

"Yes," Danny answered cheerily. "But you'll catch on. Just try using seven words when two would suffice."

This Doctor Who fixation of mine is taking a toll--I almost typed "Donna Noble" at least twice in this post. Although I also almost typed "Kyle Reese," so Doctor Who may not be the only thing hijacking my brain.

Tags: fandom: west wing, ship: donna moss/josh lyman

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