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Let Me Be Your Ride Out Of Town by Empressearwig

Fandom Category: Young Justice
Pairing: Artemis Crock/Wally West
Fic Title: Let Me Be Your Ride Out Of Town
Author: Empressearwig
Link: Here.
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Roadtrip!
WIP?: No.

Summary: On the day Artemis graduates from college, there's someone in the crowd that she never expected to see. When Wally asks her to go on the cross country road trip they'd always planned, her answer surprises them both.

Why This Must Be Read: First of all, I am a sucker for a good roadtrip fanfic. Secondly, I absolutely adore the slow reveal of the reasons for why Wally and Artemis broke up prior to the opening. Third, I love that the author shows how good Wally and Artemis are together - their banter, how well they know each other– and give the audience a good chunk of word count in which these two are happy together - it's not like 'emotion problem resolved - bam, the end.'

Also, I really enjoyed Robin and Zatanna's supporting roles.
Tags: fandom: young justice, ship: artemis crock/wally west

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