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Shipper Manifesto: River Song/The Doctor

Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: River Song/The Doctor

Spoilers up to and including the 'Night and the Doctor' minisodes

A bit gif heavy… *whistles*


River Song and Her Doctor:
A Love Story Through Time And Space

Let's just say this now and get this over with. This is a tragic love story. But it's oh so beautiful at the same time. Truth be told, this love story is probably one of the best ever told on a TV-show.

The Woman

Melody Pond. River Song.

Demons run, but count the cost
The battle’s won, but the child is lost

Daughter of Amy Pond and Rory Williams, the Doctor's companions, she was conceived while the TARDIS was in the Vortex and thus is a human with Time Lord DNA. Born at Demon's run, she was stolen from her parents to be raised as a weapon against the Doctor. There is more, but we'll come to that later.

The Man

The Doctor. Time Lord.

All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?

Meet the Doctor in his Eleventh incarnation, the Last of the Time Lords. He defends the Universe, and most of the time Earth, against other aliens. He travels on his ship, the TARDIS, and takes on companions, currently Amy Pond and Rory Williams.

The Ship

Now, why did I call their love story tragic? The Doctor and River Song are almost back to back. For the most part, her past is his future and her future is his past.

"Doctor. Please tell me you know who I am."
"Who are you?"

The first time the Doctor meets River Song, he was in his Tenth incarnation, and she knew everything about him. She ends up sacrificing herself to save everyone, including the Doctor, so that he could live to get to know her. (plus she handcuffs him so he can't really do anything – yes, handcuffs are a really big part of their relationship)

"If you die here, it'll mean I've never met you!"
"Time can be rewritten!"
"Not those times. Not one line! Don't you dare! It's okay. It's okay, it's not over for you. You'll see me again. You've got all of that to come. You and me, time and space. You watch us run!"

Of course, as River predicted (if one can predict one's own past), it was only the beginning for them. And with each meeting as she…

… shoots his hats…

… slaps him…

… falls off of buildings (and sometimes spaceships)…

… and ultimately reveals her true identity to him…

… he can't help but fall in love with her.

So by the time she tries to kill him with a kiss…

… and then saves him by giving him all of her regenerations…

… he's properly in love with her.

When the day of his death by her hand comes, she chooses not to kill him and time collapses. And when the Doctor gets angry at her for that, she has only one answer to give him:

"I can't let you die without knowing you are loved — by so many and so much — and by no one more than me."
"River, you and I, we know what this means: we are ground zero of an explosion that will engulf all reality. Billions on billions will suffer and die."
"I'll suffer if I have to kill you."
"More than every living thing in the universe?"

So, he does the only thing he can (and probably want to) do: he marries her and reveals her his latest secret, and then, he kisses the bride and time starts again.

River spends the rest of her day in Stormcage, but her nights… Well, that's a story for another time…

Note: for this manifesto, I voluntarily chose to rec recently published fics.

Fic Rec #1: We Start And End As One
Author: dqbunny
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): R, sexual situations

Why This Must Be Read: I don't often rec WIPs, but I have to rec this one. This is a beautiful fic set directly after 'A Good Man Goes To War' for both the Doctor and River. It shows the Doctor realizing that he was falling for River, and River being River doesn't hesitate to tell him a few home truths to make him react. Oh, and it has Jim the Fish!

Fic Rec #2 They Hesitate
Author: jadethe2nd
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): R, sexual situations

Why This Must Be Read: This is a Library Fix-it fic where River saves herself, but at a cost. This fic has a beautiful portrayal of River, and you just want to hug her all the time. And there is a really beautiful Amy&River scene, too.

Fic Rec #3: The Freedom Built By Stars
Author: leiascully
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13

Why This Must Be Read: This fic is just WOW! It shows the slow evolution of Melody Pond into River Song, from Berlin to Lake Silencio and beyond. It also shows the growth of the love between River and the Doctor. She slowly falls in love with a man who already loved her, who knew everything about her. This story just fills all the gaps the show has left.

Fic Rec #4: Sangue Viennese
Author: gidget_zb
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13, spoilers for the Companion's name

Why This Must Be Read: The new Companion meets River for the first time, and is in for a few surprises. This is set in Nineteenth Century Vienna and well… that doesn't stop the Doctor and River from flirting quite a lot, does it? This fic is funny, beautifully written, and I hope that the new Companion ends up being like that in the show. It'll be awesome.

Fic Rec #5: Spoiled
Author: gilguns
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13

Why This Must Be Read: The fic you don't want to read but have to read about the Doctor telling Amy and Rory that River died in the Library. Amy and Rory's reaction are exactly what you expect them to be. Also, Jack invites himself in the fic, but it's all for the greater good, I promise!

Fic Rec #6: Quirk of Matter
Author: sparklyfaerie
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): G

Why This Must Be Read: Yes, another Library Fix-it but I can't resist those. Can you?? This is beautifully written, and something I can imagine happening on the show whenever Moffat decides to fix the Library. Perfect, really.

Fic Rec #7: Mais de toi je ferai ce que je voudrais
Author: Amie33
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): R

Why This Must Be Read: I think I can classify this as a PWP. It's hot, and funny too, and really when you think that all this started as a game… This is the Doctor and River's idea of having fun.

Fic Rec #8: More Than Just A Game For Two
Author: ThereIsNoPlan
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): R

Why This Must Be Read: This is an AU where the Doctor, River, Amy and Rory are all cops. This is wonderfully written, the author has the characters down to the perfection, you can just hear them say those words. It just works. And really, the dynamics, though different for some, are a reminder of the show. This is a WIP, but really, there's just one more part to come.

Fic Rec #9: Dark Curtains Drawn By The Passage Of Time
Author: Friday
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13

Why This Must Be Read: Gorgeous fic about the unique love story of the Doctor and River, and how, in a way, they're just never ending. Tissues are needed for some passages, really.

Fic Rec #10: Of All The Gin Joints In The World
Author: coffeesuperhero
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG

Why This Must Be Read: River meets the Doctor in Casablanca. Except that it's Nine and not Eleven, before he tracks the Nestene Consciousness to London. River has a little bit of fun. This is just a lovely fic.

Bonus Fic Rec: To make us children
Author: hihoplastic
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): G

Why This Must Be Read: Ok, I said I'd only rec recent fics, but I can't not rec this one. River goes through the five stages of grief when it comes to her relationship with the Doctor. I should warn you that you need tissues. Like with Catherine's other fics, this one is just perfect. Now, go read it!
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