Southern Yankee (m7storyteller) wrote in het_reccers,
Southern Yankee

Set Fire to the Third Bar by leobrat

Fandom Category: ER
Pairing: Neela Rasgotra/Doug Ross
Fic Title: Set Fire To The Third Bar
Author: leobrat
Rating/Warning(s): Sex
Genre: PWP
WIP?: Nope

Why This Must Be Read: I'm not much for watching and/or reading anything related to ER, but this was written by someone who's fic I have read a lot of, and when I saw the current challenge, I thought this would work well. It's considered to be an AU fic, it does have something of a plot, fitting in the porn with plot area, and there's some sex to be had...hee!
Tags: fandom: er, ship: neela rasgotra/doug ross
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