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Shipper Manifesto - Laura Roslin/William Adama - Battlestar Galactica

Manifesto Post
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica 2003
Pairing: Laura Roslin/William Adama
Blurb: Well, where do I start? I don’t think I can really convey my full love for the Laura Roslin/William Adama pairing from Battlestar Galactica 2003, better known to shippers as A/R in less than 10,000 words. I would not have discovered LJ or fanficnet, or any of the other fandom networks without them. Just as I would have never turned my hand to writing or made so many close fandom friends without them. They are the first couple to ever make me seek out more from a television show. They are the first couple to make me want to talk nonstop about a show, to rewatch it and their scenes literally hundreds of times, and of course, to read and write fanfics based on them.

They will always be my OTP, no matter how many other ships/shows I follow.

A/R are a couple of a ‘certain age’. They are the ‘parents’ of the BSG Fleet. I adore their maturity, intelligence and good sense. This is probably because I’m heading towards that certain age as well, but don’t let their ages put you off. Despite their age, they have true sex appeal--yes, they’re very hot. In fact, I will categorically state that one of the kisses they share (known as the Oath kiss) is the hottest screen kiss ever from any movie/tv show I have seen.

A lot of their appeal has to be credited to the actors who play them. Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos are both Oscar nominated actors. A lot of tv shows feature virtual unknowns who sometimes take a little time to hit their straps, so to speak. MM and EJO are brilliant right from the start. (In fact, one of the best episodes of the series is the very first one, 33.) In my opinion, MM and EJO’s acting was one of the major reasons the show worked so well and had appeal across a wider audience apart from the usual scifi fanatics. MM and EJO also have the secret ingredient that you can’t always find in a ship no matter how good the production or writing is -- chemistry. The actors themselves will admit that their characters eventually had to become a pairing because of the chemistry they shared. The romance was never scripted originally.

Which leads me to another reason why I adore A/R, they are canon! Yes, unlike some tv shows where ships drift from season to season and nothing gets settled and the ship never gets together, and the fans hopes are constantly dashed, a/r end up with each other and, to all intents and purposes, married. By the end of the series, there is no ambiguity with a/r: they are a couple, and they are in love!

I also like the fact there isn’t really anyone else for either character during the series. Some people in the fandom may ‘ship’ Bill or Laura separately with other characters, but in reality, Bill and Laura really have no other suitors.

That's not to say their love affair doesn’t have its ups and downs. Even though I believe they were destined to be together from the beginning, the show drags it out until nearly the very end, making their admissions of love all the sweeter. They start off as adversaries, become tentative co-workers, later they forge a strong friendship, until they finally cross the line over into lover territory.

A/R is still one of the strongest pairings when it comes to BSG fanfic. There are just so many possibilities.

Because they aren’t with someone else during any time of the show, you can take their characters from any season and make them a couple. Or you can take them from any season and have them just starting their romance, or as we say in the BSG universe, becoming frak buddies. Actually, that’s where the only ambiguity with a/r is, when they started their romance. Therefore, anything is possible and plausible, including what we call pre-attacks (or pre-pilot/mini).

They work well in pretty much any genre. A/R have wonderful banter in the show, so humourous fics work well. BSG can be very dark, however, and their characters have extremely tragic circumstances surrounding them throughout the series (character deaths, alcoholism, cancer etc) and therefore, angst fics are quite common.

The characters work particularly well in a/u. Although BSG is a scifi show, their characters are human (no funny markings on their face!) and their banter/demeanour towards each other are just completely timeless and fit in with so many different settings and times.

You’ll find most fics here on LJ. Very few a/r fics are posted to fanficnet. If you wish to read more fanfics than these I've recced, try the a/r communities here on LJ: about_time, ar_drabbles and adama_roslin. There is also an archive at (but note, not all authors post/archive there).

Fic Rec #1 Flip the Page Author: bugsfic Link: Here on LJ Rating/Warning(s): MA for sex scenes and language. Why This Must Be Read: Probably my favourite a/r fic ever. I am biased as it was written by my writing partner and best friend as a birthday gift to me, but still it’s wonderful. It’s a one-shot a/u where Bill is a former priest who falls in love with Laura Roslin when they start working together. It’s a companion piece for Bugs’s much longer A/U, Turn the Page which is better known as ‘nunfic’ in the fandom. It’s a multi chapter, but complete and well worth taking an afternoon off to read, as are all of Bugs's fics.
Fic Rec #2: The Agency: Troubles Compounded Author: cj_quickwit Link: The fic is a complete multichapter which starts here Rating/Warning(s): M for strong violence/mild languageWhy This Must Be Read: A lovely long a/u in a thriller/action genre. The author writes action very well, as well as simmering UST between the lead characters. She also breathes life into all the supporting characters from the show. The author has one other fic in this fandom, Phantasm which is also worth reading.
Fic Rec #3: Clerks Author: afrakaday Link: Complete multi chapter starts here here Rating/Warning(s): MA for smutWhy This Must Be Read: Keeping on the a/u theme. Lawyer Laura and Bill work very well, and this author is a lawyer in rl which makes her insight and details of their occupation special. Her writing doesn’t get clinical, however, and her characterisation and feeling for the characters shines through. This is the ‘prequel’ fic in her Special Prosecution series. You’ll find the others on her journal.
Fic Rec #4: A prayer before dying Author: frakcancer Link: Here Rating/Warning(s):MA for smut and adult themes Why This Must Be Read: There are many ‘tattoo’ fics in bsg, but none quite like this one. The angst drips off this, and I guarantee you won’t forget that sucker punch feeling it gives you for a while afterwards. It’s multichapter, but complete.
Fic Rec #5: Lapsus Linguae Author:lacklusterfic Link: Click here Rating/Warning(s): M for smutWhy This Must Be Read: I would not usually rec an unfinished fic, but the first two chapters of this fic are so satisfyingly beautiful I think they should be read. The author writes description like no other, but usually in ficlet style. She has previously only ever written T rated fic, so if you’re looking for something in a lesser rating, try her journal. The idea of smut unfortunately gave her ‘stage fright’ and as such this fic will probably never be completed. If you can’t bring yourself to bother with a wip with no ending, try one of her other fics. They are all wonderful.
Fic Rec #6: Domesticated Sexay series Author: babylon_whore Link:The first in the series is here at fandom_bitches Rating/Warning(s):Individual chapters are marked. There are only a handful of M rated ones. Why This Must Be Read: This is one of the first fanfic series I read when I found the fandom, and it’s still one of the best. It’s written in a very unique quirky style. It’s 3rd person, but the feel of it is so personal, you’d think it was 1st. It’s basically the story of what happened when Laura and Bill started living together.
Fic Rec #7: Zeus Descends, Hera RisesAuthor:karihan Link: This one I could only find on SI, and therefore, you will have to join to read due to its rating Here is the link anyway Rating/Warning(s):MA for smut Why This Must Be Read: This was also one of the first fanfics I read. It was the best fic I’d ever read set on Kobol, and I think it remains the best fic I’ve ever read set there. It’s written in a clever style, both Bill and Laura’s pov’s, and the smut is great. ;)
Fic Rec #8:ReasonAuthor:Charis Link:Also only available on SI as far as I know, but you will not have to join Click here Rating/Warning(s):T Why This Must Be Read: I seem to have recced a lot of MA rated fics, so I thought I’d better add a couple of less smutty ones! I also thought of this one because of the 5 times challenge. Even though this is 7 times!
Fic Rec #9: Seven Author:Kimbari Link:Another one only available on SI. Its rating means you’ll need to join to read. Click here Rating/Warning(s): MAWhy This Must Be Read: This is a companion piece for the above fic, Reason. Unfortunately Kimbari passed away recently but her fics will live on as a testament to her talent.
Fic Rec #10: Something to Talk About Author: page61Link:On SI, but no need to join toread Rating/Warning(s): TWhy This Must Be Read: A sweet one to finish on. During season 4, Mary McDonnell accidentally wore her RL wedding ring in one of the scenes. Since then there have been quite a few fics ‘explaining’ this extra piece of jewellery. This is one of my favourites on the theme.

If you'd like any more suggestions/recs, let me know!

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