moonknife (moonknife) wrote in het_reccers,

said the pilgrim to the priest, i came to see the witch burn, by winterbones (M)

Fandom Category: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Lydia Martin/Derek Hale
Fic Title: said the pilgrim to the priest, i came to see the witch burn
Author: winterbones
Rating/Warning(s): R/M (implied sex, not graphic)
Genre: AU, Drama, Horror
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Teen Wolf fandom is absolutely dominated by slash pairings, but Lydia/Derek is my favorite dark horse het couple, even though they share almost no screen time whatsoever. Both characters are lonely, isolated, misunderstood, and mislead by the people around them. In this story, Lydia is a witch (not the case on the show - what she is still isn't clear)and Derek is her familiar. This story packs a lot of plot and characterization punch into a spare, bleak but lovely story about two people reluctant to admit they need each other. Excellent use of the pack dynamic and all characters ring true. Awesome.

Mods, could I get Teen Wolf and Lydia Martin/Derek Hale tags? No one has ever posted a rec for this show before!
Tags: fandom: teen wolf, ship: lydia martin/derek hale
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