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Song of the Lioness, 2, Alanna the Lioness/Jonathan of Conte

Fandom Category: Song of the Lioness
Pairing: Alanna the Lioness/Jonathan of Conte
Fic Title: Bittersweet: An Interlude
Author: Caitydid
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1238089/1/Bittersweet_An_Interlude
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Romance, UST
WIP?: No; One-Shot

Special Rec: 4/21

Why This Must Be Read: If you ever read the Song of the Lioness books in your youth as I did, you might’ve wondered how it was that Alanna didn’t end up with Jon, the dreamy prince and (eventually) king! Ultimately, I believe Alanna was right in choosing George, but I still appreciate the attraction of Alanna/Jon. This fic illustrates beautifully the deep and abiding love that exists between the King and his Champion, but how -- despite all their potential -- they were never meant to be more than the best of friends.

Absently, he took her hand in both of his, turning from the railing to face her. He held her hand, so different from Thayet's smooth, white palms, and yet beautiful in its own right. Alanna's hands had known the bite of frost, the weight of steel, and the splinter of wood. Despite the scarred ridges, the stubby, torn nails, and the calloused fingertips, he thought them the most beautiful hands he'd ever seen.

Fandom Category: Song of the Lioness
Pairing: Alanna the Lioness/Jonathan of Conte
Fic Title: A Knight Like No Other
Author: ineptshieldmaid
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/140457
Rating/Warning(s): M / sex, cross-dressing
Genre: Romance, Smut
WIP?: No; One-Shot

Special Rec: 5/21

Why This Must Be Read: Set during the Song of the Lioness books when Alanna or “Alan” was still Jon’s squire, this author has an absolutely spot-on voice for Jon (as one reviewer put it, he is “clueless but bright”). Especially a young Jon trying to sort through the emotions of knowing his squire who pretends to be a boy is truly a girl and eventually a woman to whom he feels a strong attraction. The author stays so true to the SOTL universe and the love between Alanna and Jon as both lovers and best friends.

The first time Jon saw Alanna in a dress, he wanted to tear it off her. Not in a let me sweep you off your feet and divest you of this unnecessary clothing, my lady kind of way. In a by all the gods, squire, get rid of this ridiculous outfit at once kind of way.

He thinks about that, later. He thinks about the fact that Alanna can wear dresses if she wants to. He thinks about the fact that Alanna is a girl, and don't all girls like pretty dresses? He thinks that Alanna shouldn't like dresses, because Alanna's not that kind of girl, she's his Alanna, and his Alanna doesn't wear dresses.

It took some weeks before he thought about how much he'd like to tear that dress off her, and realised that if he tore the dress off her, Alanna would be naked.

It took some weeks before he realised that, for all he feels a bit strange about Alanna seeing him naked, he'd never thought about her naked before. He’d kissed her, that time by the Drell River, he thought about the fact that she’s a girl, his girl, his girl-squire, all the time: but he’d never thought about her naked.

After that, it became hard to stop.

Tags: fandom: song of the lioness, ship: alanna the lioness/jonathan of con, special reccer: sugangel7

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