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4 John Hughes Movie Recs

Fandom Category: The Breakfast Club
Pairing: John Bender/Claire Standish
Fic Title: The Soft Sell
Author: sinverguenza
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13. Language, sex
Genre: Romance, Angst
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Too many reasons! I have loved this movie my whole life and it always saddens me to think how things probably didn't work out great for Bender and Claire once the credits rolled. I think this author got it just right, the connection between the two remains intact even as their lives take them in different directions. Lovely, lovely read.

Fandom Category: Sixteen Candles
Pairing: Jake Ryan/Samantha Baker
Fic Title: Travels Like Lightning
Author: dark_reaction
Rating/Warning(s): Mature
Genre: Romance, Angst
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Because it is told from Jake Ryan's pov and is funny, and charming, and very hot. Leaving off right where the movie ends this fic takes us through the rush of first love. Jake is eager and a little frightened, while Sam is fearless. So freakin good. If you've ever considered reading a fic for this fandom this is the one.

Fandom Category: Some Kind of Wonderful
Pairing: Keith Nelson/Watts
Fic Title: Love Is the Light In Your Face
Author: Thistlerose
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Genre: Romance
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Picking up right where the movie left off this fic gives us some quiet moments between Watts and Keith the morning after she declares her love for him. A perfect ending for the film and a nice look at Keith and Watts as a couple.

Fandom Category: Pretty In Pink
Pairing: Duckie Dale/Iona
Fic Title: always a Motown artist
Author: Bob5
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Genre: Friendship
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: What happens after Andie and Blaine's happily ever after? More specifically, what happens to the two friends Andie leaves behind? This author has nailed Duckie's character and gives us some real insight into how he deals with the leaving of his best friend and begins to heal with the help and friendship of Iona. Funny and heartfelt, this fic reminded me why I fell for Duckie in the first place.

Mods, can I get Some Kind of Wonderful and Sixteen Candles tags, please? Thank you. :)
Tags: fandom: pretty in pink, fandom: sixteen candles, fandom: some kind of wonderful, fandom: the breakfast club, ship: claire standish/john bender, ship: iona/duckie dale, ship: samantha baker/jake ryan, ship: watts/keith nelson

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