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Best Friends Forever, by hunterwithcause

Fandom Category: Digimon 
Pairing: Hikari "Kari" Kamiya/Takeru "T.K." Takaishi
Fic Title: Best Friends Forever
Author: hunterwithcause
Link: Best Friends Forever
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13, one-sided Hikari/OFC
Genre: Het, one-sided femmeslash, outsider PoV, drama
WIP?: one-shot

Why This Must Be Read:
Chiori is Hikari's best friend. Not. (Set after the end of 02, but before the epilogue.)

Okay I asked for recs for this pairing because I only know one really good fic with these two and this is "Best Friends Forever." Hopefully this will change through your help but before that I need to recommend "BFF."

Through the eyes of an OC we see the various relationships of Hikari with the other Digidestined. Taichi, Daisuki and everyone else get their own part and with every new person Chiori, the OC, realizes that everything she saw about her relationship with Hikari was only one-sided. The OC shows sometimes stalkerish and sometimes heartbreaking sides of herself through her thoughts and feelings for Hikari. With her help we realize how slightly different the Digidestined are and how much their adventures changed their relationships. Especially the part about TKs and Hikaris relationship is amazing because with few words we see their relationship of the show only more adult like.

First rec and I hope I didn't make a mistake. Please, mods, could you give me a tag for the show and the pairing? Thanks!
Tags: fandom: digimon, ship: kamiya "kari" hikari/takaishi "t.k

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