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two Morgana/Merlin recs

(So I might be going through I rec list I made after that requests post. Enjoy!)

Fandom Category: Merlin
Pairing: Morgana/Merlin Emrys
Fic Title: Crooked Heart
Author: shantirosa
Rating/Warning(s): Spoilers up to 1x07/1x08
Genre: character study, ust/rst, slight future fic, minor angst
WIP?: nope

Why This Must Be Read: Wonderful Morgana characterisation and look at the possibilities of Morgana and Merlin's relationship. This is fic is a slow burn, gently taking you through Morgana's growth into her power, into the knowledge of her powers and how Merlin fits into it all. What I love about this fic is that Morgana is Morgana, she does not apologise for herself, her actions, she's strong, she sees the possibilities of Camelot and strives to make the best one happen, even if it's not easy for her. In a way, here, she's guiding Merlin into guiding Arthur, and that's just something in itself. Here both Morgana and Merlin learn from each other and love each other, even though it's not easy.

Fandom Category: Merlin
Pairing: Morgana/Merlin Emrys
Fic Title: Their Fortune
Author: gnimaerd
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: future fic, romance
WIP?: nope

Why This Must Be Read: I love this future that gnimaerd sets up. I can see this future. The language is beautiful and is the relationship Merlin and Morgana have forged. Their affection is clear and real, they are equal here, both of them where they're supposed to be with their magic, doing what they both think is right for Camelot. They're so real here, both wary of the future, but still hopeful and just everything in this fic makes you feel warm and sated by the end.
Tags: fandom: merlin, ship: morgana/merlin emrys

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