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Several Wicked stories (Elphaba Thropp/Fiyero Tiggular)

I have several Wicked recommendations this time. Wicked is a story that's primarily about a relationship between two women, and the fandom has mostly been dominated by slash, so it can be difficult to find decent stories for het pairings (even the canon ones). I love Elphaba and Fiyero so much, it makes me really sad that they don't get much attention.

Please keep in mind that pretty much all of these are spoilery for the musical and/or the book. Since the summaries are spoilery too, I put everything under a cut. If you aren't familiar with the canon and you don't want to be spoiled, please don't click!

Fandom Category: Wicked (Musicalverse)
Pairing: Elphaba Thropp/Fiyero Tiggular
Fic Title: The Grand Vizier of Oz
Author: Sedri
Link: Fanfiction.net
Rating/Warning(s): PG/Teen
Genre: AU
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 6/20

Why This Must Be Read: Elphaba and the Wizard discover their connection during the Sentimental Man scene. The Wizard, desperate for the chance to have a relationship with her, agrees to let her make changes throughout Oz.

This story reimagines everything after the throne room scene in Act I. Without the toxic influence of Madame Morrible, the Wizard, Elphaba, Glinda and Fiyero become a team working to overcome the prejudices that have become ingrained in Ozian society. Without a villain, there isn't much of a real plot to this story, which means it's all just really good character development. The younger characters grow up and learn to navigate the world of politics. Elphaba gradually overcomes her distrust of the Wizard. Elphaba and Fiyero grow closer; their relationship is lovely to read, but the author doesn't sweep the Galinda/Fiyero relationship under the rug or ignore the awkwardness inherent in the situation.

Fandom Category: Wicked ("bookflavoured musical")
Pairing: Elphaba Thropp/Fiyero Tiggular
Fic Title: Black As Midnight, Sweet As Sin
Author: Thessaly
Link: Fanfiction.net
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13/Teen
Genre: Drama
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 7/20

Why This Must Be Read: The story of Wicked, adapted to make a bit more sense and retold mostly from Fiyero's point of view. "Eight years, four kisses, three friends, two romances, and one possible conclusion."

I love this story. I love this Fiyero so much. He is so imperfect and careless and wonderful and real. He starts out vain and thoughtless, and grows slowly into a soldier and an adult, unexpectedly displeased with his carefree life and drawn to Elphaba despite her violent past. Thessaly does a nice job mixing humor and more serious scenes, showing us the pivotal moments that eventually lead the characters to their inevitable roles. I love watching Fiyero slowly, slowly grow up and grow disillusioned with the thoughtlessness and fakeness of his life. The other characters are equally well-painted; the whole story is just a pleasure to read. (I actually feel like I need to reread it now.)

Fandom Category: Wicked (musical)
Pairing: Elphaba Thropp/Fiyero Tiggular
Fic Title: The Witch's Spell
Author: AinsleyAisling
Link: Fanfiction.net
Rating/Warning(s): FFNet lists this as Teen, but it's a a tiny bit more adult than the others above
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 8/20

Why This Must Be Read: "Running away with someone you haven't seen in years can turn out to be... awkward."

In the musical, we go from the Wizard's throne room, where Fiyero declares he's leaving with Elphaba (stunning her), to As Long As You're Mine in the forest, where they're clearly together, in love and worried for the future. This story fills in the happenings between those two scenes. The two of them making their escape from the palace. Elphaba awkwardly asking Fiyero why he made the choice he did, almost unable to believe, and Fiyero struggling to explain himself. It sounds really simple when I put it that way, but it's a lovely, bittersweet piece.

Fandom Category: Wicked (musical)
Pairing: Elphaba Thropp/Fiyero Tiggular
Fic Title: With Me Tonight
Author: Elizabeth (elizabeth_fae)
Link: Wicked_Fanfic LJ community
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 9/20

Why This Must Be Read: "There have been touches, of course. Surely my mother held me as a baby, picked me up when I cried and did what she had to, whether or not it pleased her. The hard weight of palms has been on me, pushing a smaller self to the ground. Nessa has held my hand, has absently brushed my arm to call attention. Shoulders have bruised me, forcing past as I hurried down a hall. Glinda has pulled back my hair, her smooth fingers grazing my ear. Someone’s knuckles have met mine as we exchanged goods, warm weight has pressed against my own when places have been crowed and people have sat close.

But never like this.

I'm not sure I need to say anything else, given the quote, but I will just say-- The tragic thing about Elphaba (well, one of many tragic things) is that she has such a terribly low opinion of herself. She takes pride in her schoolwork, in her accomplishments, but she doesn't believe that anyone will ever be able to care for her, even platonically. When Fiyero falls for her (and it must seem terribly sudden to her, even if the audience has been seeing it coming all along), it's not something she ever imagined for herself. It has to be completely overwhelming. In this story, she is almost drowning in the physical sensations of it, and it's poetic and beautiful and sad and happy all at once.
Tags: fandom: wicked, ship: elphaba thropp/fiyero tiggular, special reccer: kaylle

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