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The Persistence of Memory by Zoomway (PG)

Fandom Category: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman
Pairing:Lois Lane/Clark Kent
Fic Title: The Persistence of Memory
Author: Zoomway
Rating/Warning(s): Mild violence, mild language
Genre: Drama, Romance, Time Travel
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Kaylle's recent post of several excellent Lois and Clark recs reminded me of one of my all time favorite L/C fics, The Persistence of Memory.

The premise of this fic is fairly simple for the time travel genre; H.G. Wells' first appearance in the season 2 episode "Tempus Fugitive" accidentally jumpstarted Lois and Clark's relationship too early, causing repercussions echoing up and down the couple's history that must be remedied immediately. The best way to do that turns out to be separately sending Lois and Clark to many different points in their relationship (their first meeting, Lois's bungled confession of love to Superman at the end of season one, season two when Clark gets the door slammed in his face on their first date, and many other milestones along the way) to use their foreknowledge to move things in the right direction, or sometimes screw them up completely.

Amidst all the time travel goodness there's a wonderful through-line plot of HG Wells struggling to retrieve circa-the-series-finale Lois and Clark who have become unstuck in time, providing a plausible and interesting origin for the [Spoiler (click to open)]baby that appeared at the end of the last episode of the series. (I don't think that needed to be spoiler cut after fifteen years, but better safe than sorry.)

The author does an amazing job of in depth character analysis for every era of the series, taking some of the weirder moments and giving them a logical explanation in the larger context, and providing even the most minor characters with a chance to shine (Martha Kent's various appearances are my favorite. She has a beautiful character arc.)

It's a long, intricately plotted fic with moments of humor, darkness, and everything in between. You won't regret giving it a try.
Tags: fandom: lois and clark, ship: lois lane/clark kent

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