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Entropy (Order and Disorder) (Darcy/Loki - NC17)

Fandom Category: Avengers AU (With heavy influences from "Flowers for Algernon" & Pygmalion)
Pairing: Darcy/Loki, Jane/Thor
Fic Title: Entropy (Order and Disorder)
Author: Sigridhr
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17 for sexy times
Genre: aganst, romance
WIP?: No

Summary: Loki needs to open a Bifrost path from New Mexico to Asgard. He needs help, but there isn’t a human smart enough to be his copilot. So he takes an expendable human and makes her smart.  

Why this Must be Read: So often with Darcy/Loki fiction the way a powerful demi-something like Loki falls for a coffee making, pop-tart toasting assistant isn't really explained. Not so in this story.  The sex scene isn't terribly explicit but it is just so taunt with real feeling it will make your heart ache. 

Read it on AO3 >
Tags: fandom: avengers, fandom: thor, ship: darcy lewis/loki

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