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What's Bleeding Through by Moiray: Faye Chamberlaine/Jake Armstrong, PG

Fandom Category: The Secret Circle
Pairing: Faye Chamberlaine/Jake Armstrong
Fic Title: What's Bleeding Through
Author: Moiray
Rating/Warning(s): PG, mentions of self-injury
Genre: aganst, romance
WIP?: Yes

Why This Must Be Read: Firstly, you should read it because it's among the best written and IC works inthe modest TSC fandom, it's realistic and deals with a touchy subject like selfharm in a tasteful manner.
The author's style is elegant and very visual, Jake's mannerism is perfectly rendered just as the complicated relationship and past between him and Faye, just as Faye's winning mix of selfdestruction and vulnerability.
Circle dynamics in general here are vividly brought to life and the story is deliciously agansty without going overboard with the dramatic tension.

Inspired by Melissa's "he almost put you in a psych ward last time" comment in 1x06, this fic explores beautifully Faye's past as cutter, since an Adam influenced by the Crystal Skull angrily brings up the subject during a Circle meeting, forcing both Faye and Jake to deal with that difficult part of their history.
Tags: fandom: secret circle, ship: faye chamberlaine/jake armstrong

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